Friday, October 7, 2011

Sideshow Collectibles 1/6 Crimson Guard 12-inch Figure PREVIEW

Sideshow Toys teased us last week with a single image of the upcoming Crimson Guard figure coming out under their G.I. Joe: Real American Hero line. Well, this week, they have released the rest of the Prototype /Preview images.

A pleasant new neighbor. A local auto mechanic. A respected school teacher. To most citizens, these are conventional roles found in every community. To COBRA COMMANDER, they serve as the perfect guise for his CRIMSON GUARD. CRIMSON GUARD soldiers are the most elite of all of COBRA COMMANDER's legion of VIPER solders.

The terrorist leader strategically places the CRIMSON GUARD deep undercover, using their respected statuses in society to influence the flow of information and finances, so that their communities favor COBRA and its eventual goal of global conquest by any means necessary.

Despite spending most of their duty in a combat-free setting, CRIMSON GUARD soldiers are highly trained and expected to maintain top physical condition to overcome the G.I.JOE team or anyone else who dares to oppose them.

The Crimson Guard 12 inch Figure features: Articulated Prometheus 1.2 body with over 30 points of articulation, Highly Detailed and Hand Painted Crimson Guard Helmet Portrait, Detailed Fabric SIEGIE Uniform Jacket with Affixed Rank and Medal Badges, Fabric Undershirt, Fabric Pants, Detailed and Functioning Storage Pack with Fabric Straps, Standard Issue SIEGIE FAL Rifle, One (1) FAL Magazine, Bayonet, .45 Assault SMG with Folding Stock, SMG Sling, Three (3) .45 SMG Magazines, Micro Red Dot Sight, SMG Suppressor, Tactical Left Hand Drop Leg Holster, .50 Caliber Automatic Pistol, Three (3) .50 Magazines, Two (2) Flash Bang Grenades, One (1) Magnetic Mine, One (1) pair gloved fists, One (1) left C grip hand, One (1) left gloved open hand, One (1) right gloved trigger hand, One (1) right C grip hand, Newly developed sculpted boots, One (1) pair standing bottom boot, One (1) pair action bottom boot, 1:6 Scale GI JOE Figure Stand with COBRA logo

The Sideshow Exclusive version of the Crimson Guard 12 inch Figure includes a unique feature available nowhere else: Highly Detailed and Hand Painted Unmasked SIEGIE portrait

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