Monday, October 17, 2011

Very Hot 2nd Infantry Division Gunner Uniform Set PREVIEW

As of late, a lot of the 1:6 scale manufacturers have been releasing sets based on the Special Forces branch of the US Armed Forces. Being that these groups generally get the newest and neatest gear and such first, it would only make sense that the toy companies would follow suit. Thus we 1:6 scale military figure collectors actually get to see what's being used out there on the battlefield. However, that doesn't mean that there isn't demand for the basic Infantryman / Grunt or Marine out there in the field.

Fortunately, Very Hot is aware of this and will be releasing a US Army 2nd Infantry Gunner's Uniform Set come November. Since the Army has made the transition to MultiCam, this soldier's uniform and equipment is made in that pattern, from top to bottom, from the ACU cut fatigue shirt and pants to the IOTV body armor.  The Squad Automatic Weapon is nice too - with removable short and long barrels.

To echo what somebody said on the forums: "Finally we can have regular army infantrymen. infantryman?..really?..they have those? not a super secret snake eatin supadupaparatroopa black ops ninja space viking?..a soldier? wow" I thought it was just so funny the way he put it across especially when it is so true!

The Very Hot 2nd Infantry Division Gunner Uniform Set will include: MICH2000 helmet with cover, Combat Goggles, IOTV GEN2 Tactical Vest, 200-round Pouch x 2, 100-round Pouch, Hand Grenade Pouch x 3, M-67 Hand grenade x 3, Medic Pouch, Radio Pouch, Radio, Dump Pouch, Hydration Carrier, MISC / Utility Pouch, OCP ACU Style Shirt, OCP ACU Style Trousers, Belt x 2, Patches x 3, Gloves, Kneepads, Boots

NOT included: 1/6 head and 12-inch figure body!

What's so different about this set that makes it a standout? Here are some points contributed in the forums.

Firstly the subject: Finally, we get a combat infantryman. Consider the fact that Special Forces operators are dwarfed by the number of conventional grunts out there who do the majority of the fighting and dying, they are VERY under-represented in the combat figure numbers. That is a direct opposite to the WWII market.

Secondly, the set has several bits that haven't been done or are exceedingly hard to find.

Multicam Helmet - VHT continues to be the ONLY company producing helmets with an MC cover which are being worn by the conventional troops and recently the rangers (w/a different NVG mount).

Multicam IOTV - First time done. Multicam pouches - Would have liked some 5.56 mag pouches but all MC pouches are welcome.

Multicam uniform - Contrary to popular belief, only SEALS and CAG get plenty of Crye Multicam. Most operators and the overwhelming majority of conventional troops in Afghanistan make do with issued MC in the ACU style cut (no integrated knee / elbow pads).

Boots - a tad shiny, always preferred molded because of the bozo the clown effect on too many fabric boots.

Misc - can always use, chemlights, frags, goggles. The kneepads are very cool but would have preferred some multicam ones as they are issued and very hard to find.

So now's the best time as any to kit out your own 2nd Infantry Division Gunner, thanks to Very Hot.


Anonymous said...

the headsculpt looks like hugh jackman

alex teo said...

head sculpt was used to show off the uniform set - NO head and No body will be included with this set

One Shot said...

Head sculpt is the WWII pacific figure from Soldier Story right? I like that figure for some reason.

alex teo said...

That's because he looks like a man's man, not like some of the lady boys popping up these days LOL