Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Not Hot Toys Indiana Jones but Toys McCoy Indy!

Pictures of Hot Toys DX05 1/6 scale Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones 12-inch figure have surfaced on the internet and in forums and the verdict is: it's NOT looking good! Hot Toys has done some amazing head sculpts and most of them have been stunning BUT they have failed in trying to capture Harrison Ford's likeness. Aside from the high quality outfit and accessories, they couldn't do the one thing that was most important of all and that is, to capture Harrison Ford's likeness. The figure looks amazing as an adventurer / tomb raider figure but falls short of being Indiana Jones.

IMHO I think the classic Toys McCoy Indiana Jones 12-inch figure from 1999 has come closest to capturing Harrison Ford's likeness as Indiana Jones and that is talking about a figure that was made more than TEN years ago. Scroll down to see the pictures for yourself and you be the judge.

I had posted pictures of this exceptional Toys McCoy 1/6 scale Indiana Jones 12-inch figure in my earlier posts HERE (the box packaging and contents) and HERE but I guess the time is right to revisit this figure again after seeing the awful Indy head sculpt that Hot Toys has released. Everyone's taking pictures left, right and center and posting them to try and justify that the Hot Toys Indy is acceptable when it is obvious that it does not resemble Harrison Ford at all.

This Toys McCoy Indiana Jones figure that was released in 1999 (that's more than 10 years ago) stands a better chance of resembling Indy than Hot Toys DX version!

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones always wore his trademark outfit when he goes on his adventures. That included his high-crowned, wide-brimmed fedora (made by Herbert Johnson of London), A-2 bomber jacket inspired by the 1930s models worn by pilots, long-sleeve cotton poplin shirt with shoulder epaulets, loose-fitting battledress trousers made of a traditional cavalry twill and leather ankle boots.

Indy carries his holster for his side-arm and quick-release whip on a separate belt. 

Indy spent years taming the object that had left him with a scar on his chin in his adolescence. Indy's preferred model is 3.3 yards (10 feet) long, with a 12-plait thong of kangaroo hide and an 8-inch (20 cm) knobbed handle. When expertly cracked, part of the whip at the end of the throw exceeds the speed of sound, creating a small sonic boom.

In Indy's pouch / bag (originally used to hold a British-made gas mask) he keeps his passport and all-important travel papers, leather dressing for the whip, gun oil for his revolver and sometimes a brush to dust off his fedora of dirt and mud. Indy has replaced the bag's cotton strap with a stronger leather strap.

Indy's weapons of choice: Smith and Wesson Hand Ejector 2, with shortened barrel and converted to fire Colt .45 rounds; a Colt New Service M1917 revolver or a Browning Highpower pistol. In the late 1930s, he sometimes used a Webley but found it too heavy for fieldwork.

A closer look at the Toys McCoy Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones 1:6 scale head sculpt. Harrison Ford is Indiana Jones and there's nobody else that can fill those shoes.

The Toys McCoy A-2 Bomber Jacket has certainly lasted the test of time and it's still looking GOOD as new :)

The additional 1:6 stuff that the Toys McCoy Indiana Jones 12-inch figure has on him are taken from the Relic Hunter set including the die-cast revolver with holster, metal machete in sheath, whip and quick-release fastener, belt and bag with leather strap.

The Relic Hunter 1:6 machete has detailed etchings on the handle. Indy used this machete in June 1935 when he crash landed in India and ended up searching for the Sankara Stone in "Temple of Doom".

You can check out Medicom Toys Indiana Jones figure HERE. Medicom's Indiana Jones came with most of the artifacts seen in the first three films including the Urn of Nurhachi, Sankara Stone, Golden Idol, headpiece to the staff of Ra and Holy Grail. They are all in 1:6 scale so that's pretty cool :) For once, Medicom wasn't stingy when it came to accessories.


Anonymous said...

I gonna have to disagree. both mccoy and hot toys are not close to harrison ford. However the quality, silhouette and texture of Hot toys is better. Mccoy's too plastic looking and less detailed. That perpetual raised brow is also very cartoonish. Not sure why you say McCoy is better.

BTW, I enjoy your daily dose of toys review. keep it up. I am a punggolian too!


Unknown said...

First time poster- and let me first say that this is by far one of my favorite collecting sites!! Okay, so now that's out of the way I just wanted to toss this out here; although I do really appreciate the Toys McCoy Indy as the first real high end 1/6 doll out there for the line, I did just receive my HT Indy, and I was pleasantly surprised that he looks much better in person than did he from the proto-photos. In truth, that was my first DX HT figure (with the rolling eyes) and compared to my only other HT (Batman Begins 2011) I can tell you that the separated eyes do make him look a bit like he's wearing mascara. Anyway, not to hijack the post- I do sincerely dig on the Toys McCoy Indy, but I will have to respectfully stand up for the new HT Indy as being the absolute best likeness yet produced for the Indy line. Check it out in person, and I believe you'll agree :)


Anonymous said...

I have the HT Indy on the way and while it may not deliver to the extent that other HT figures have on the likeness (I'm thinking Joker DX and Godfather), I can't imagine the Toys McCoys figure is better. Not from what I'm seeing from these pictures. Looks like a really cool figure, but it's a little cartoony. I'd be shocked and dissapointed if the HT Indy falls so short this figure is superior. I'm not knocking the Toys McCoys figure. I'd be proud to own it. But you'd have to be nostalgic to think it surpasses Hot Toys' Indiana Jones. Even if the HT Indy looks no better than the prototype figures I think it's better looking.