Monday, October 31, 2011

Hot Toys 1/6 Edward Scissorhands 12-inch collectible figure REVIEW

Halloween (or Hallowe'en) is an annual holiday observed on October 31, which commonly includes activities such as trick-or-treating, attending costume parties, carving jack-o'-lanterns, bonfires, apple bobbing, visiting haunted attractions, playing pranks, telling scary stories, and watching horror films. Celebrated primarily but not exclusively in English speaking countries, it is popular among both children and adults alike. Much of its appeal comes from its inclusive, secular nature and as well as the creativity and freedom of expression it promotes.

Since it's Halloween today, I guess it's appropriate to revisit a post published earlier on April 20, 2009 :)

This is Hot Toys MMS-82 Movie Masterpiece Series 1/6 scale fully poseable action figure of Johnny Depp as Edward Scissorhands from the movie of the same name, directed by none other than Tim Burton, most famous for his dark and often quirky films, such as Beetle Juice, The Nightmare Before Christmas, his reinvention of Batman and the sequel Batman Returns, Mars Attacks, Sleepy Hollow, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Corpse Bride and most recently, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Johnny Depp is in seven of his films and Burton's wife Helena Bonham Carter has been in his last six films.

This has to be one of the most unique figures to come out of Hot Toys, especially since their main concentration has been on the more popular movies and characters. This figure was announced out of the blue (see preview link here) and dropped in unexpectedly in the midst of all the other Hot Toys' releases. I suspect Hot Toys announced the release of this figure in direct competition with Medicom's Sweeney Todd figure.

Again Hot Toys did not disappoint. The figure comes in this nice package/box that looks like a story book, not the wasteful packaging Enterbay did with their recent "24" Jack Bauer (see previous post).

The inner flap shows the customary product shots and holds an additional surprise

The flap opens to reveal a pop-up scene from the movie - nice touch by Hot Toys. The description on the box reads: "Edward Scissorhands - The Story of an Uncommonly Gentle Man." There's also a short desciption/synopsis of the movie: Edward is an unfinished creation of his inventor/father who dies before he can complete the job. He is removed from his lonely existence in a hilltop castle by Avon lady Peg Boggs and finds himself living with her family in a pastel-colored version of suburbia.

I almost bought the Medicom version of Edwards Scissorhands which was released in 2003 but was put off by the puny size and the high price. It just didn't seem value for money and it didn't look all that great even though I am a big fan of Johnny Depp. There were a couple of occasions when I was holding Medicom's Edward Scissorhands in my hands and contemplating whether or not to buy. The hair, head sculpt and ill fitting costume just didn't do it justice.

And then there's this just released Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Edward Scissorhands which is everything that Medicom's isn't! The head sculpt, the outfit and the very accurately reproduced Scissorhands in 1/6 scale is stunning!

Not too crazy about the hair but still way better than what Medicom conjured up - that was a disaster!!

The amazing details of Hot Toys Edwards Scissorhands' outfit starts from the neck. The entire outfit is a mix of various different materials put together intricately. Edward is afterall an unfinished creation of his inventor/father who dies before he can complete the job, leaving him with scissors for hands.

Edward's torso

Edward's belt and lower region

Edward's left and right boots. What I like about this figure is that nothing on it is symmetrical. The left and right side is not the same, and there are different materials used for the entire outfit, stitched together and then with belts, straps and other knick knacks added. Very interesting combination of materials and parts.

Side view of Johnny Depp as Edward Scissorhands. In preparation for the role, Depp watched many Charlie Chaplin films to study the idea of creating sympathy without dialogue. Fox studio executives were so worried about Edward's image that they tried to keep pictures of Depp in full costume under wraps until release of the film.

Again with the hair - too hard and too high, should have been softer and not piled up so much like Marge Simpson. His face has scars from cuts he inflicted on himself accidentally when beacuse of his scissor hands. Seriously, what kind of sane inventor would create something with scissors for hands? How does he pee? The role of The Inventor was written specifically for Vincent Price.

Edward's left scissorhand - all the digits are made from sharp objects (different scissor blades)

Amazing details from Hot Toys - hats off to them!

He'll watch your back if you watch his 

Interesting design for the crotch area - is that supposed to be a chastity belt?

You can make out the different materials used for the outfit, a mixed media of sorts

Edward's boots have things sticking out - they are made of plastic so they won't break off easily except the hook looking needle sticking out the back of his right boot

Edward, with his scissorhands, is masterful at hedge clipping and haircutting, and becomes the darling of the suburban neighborhood. Love interest is played by Winona Ryder (we remember her in Alien Resurrection, alongside Sigourney Weaver and Ron Perlman, better known to us as Hellboy)

Johnny Depp left his teen idol image behind in 1990 to play the quirky title role of Edward Scissorhands. He has since been known for his portrayals of offbeat, eccentric characters such as Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean, Sweeney Todd, Ichabod Crane, Willy Wonka and many many more.

Edward's outfit as seen from the right side

The intricately designed pants with the mixed materials

Edward's right hand

With his scissorhands, Edward becomes the source of fantasy, gossip, resentment, adoration and lust for the neighbors, whom he wins over with his outlandish haircuts and elaborate sculptures. Burton acknowledged the main themes for Edward Scissorhands deals with self-discovery and isolation, and was drawn from his own personal experience growing up as an awkward teen in suburban Burbank, California.

The only "accessory" included but then again, his outfit and hands are his accessories.

Sideshow's Freddy Krueger tries to compare hands - no contest!


Mizu said...

Lol, good question. But Edward Scissorhands probably doesn't need to pee. I always thought he was an android of sorts. :P

I'm blown away by the packaging, and the outfit details, scissorhands and all are amazing. The likeness isn't wholly accurate though. I used these screencaps for comparison, and it looks like HT actually sought to "macho" up Johnny Depp, by exaggerating his jaw. Go figure. o.O

Still, Edward's pretty darn awesome, and I'd get one too if it wasn't for Hellboy and doll clothing busting my bank account this month. XD

alex teo said...

hey michelle :) thot you'll like to see the pictures.

i agree with you about Johnny Depp's sculpt. he managed to make himself look different in the movie, almost goofy-like (somebody commented that hot toys' sculpt looked like amy whinehouse -LOL) but hot toys nailed it with the outfit :) packaging's a PLUS too!

i gave up on Hellboy seeing as i'll have to get abe to accompany him and i already have the sideshow versions - gotta slow down on the purchases too ;>

Pez Banana said...

i have both mcfarlane Scissorhands, the 6 inch one and the 18 inch one, which are pretty much the same even though the smaller one does look slightly more faithful to the character.

i think this Hot Toys version is awesome except for the whole head: face and hair. it would have been a perfect figure if they would have made the head/face AT LEAST slightly reminiscent of Johnny Depp.

i mean: he doesn't even look like Johnny Depp. i think he looks like Morrissey or something. how could they mess this up?

too bad, because the bad head is enough to make me not purchase this figure, and i'm one of those Scissorhand fans that would choose Scissorhands over any family member if the world was going to end and a poweful invisible entity would give me the choice to save ONE person.

assuming Edward were real, that is.

One Shot said...

you think HT would ever revisit this figure (an XD version perhaps?) I mean anything is possible right? but you would think with all the attention to the Johnny Depp likeness they have been able to capture on the POTC figures it would be something that might not be too far fetched of an idea.

alex teo said...

I think HT rushed this figure out and at that time, they weren't as skilled with head sculpts as they are now. They now have some of the best sculptors on board and the most recently released Jack Sparrow DX figure is testament to that ;)

lourditascustom said...

La figura me parece magnifica aunque el pelo le hace perder parte del realismo.

alex teo said...

Translated from Spanish: The figure seems to me superb although the hair makes him lose part of the realism.

alex teo said...

Have to agree with you :) hair sculpting is still an issue in 1/6th scale