Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Check out Crazy Owners Collection @ COF-032 1/6 scale Victorian Style suit - another cowboy?

Crazy Owners seem to have a knack for producing and releasing 1/6 scale outfits for only three categories - cowboys, ninjas and samurai

This is the latest Crazy Owners Collection to be previewed and it is Crazy Owners Collection @ COF-032 Victorian Style suit. According to wiki: During the 1850s, men started wearing shirts with high upstanding or turnover collars and four-in-hand neckties tied in a bow, or tied in a knot with the pointed ends sticking out like "wings". The upper-class continued to wear top hats, and bowler hats were worn by the working class. Frock coats were shortened to knee-length and were worn for business, while the mid-thigh length sack coat slowly displaced the frock coat for less-formal occasions. Top hats briefly became the very tall "stovepipe" shape, but a variety of other hat shapes were popular.

I'm not really sure whose outfit this Crazy Owners Collection @ COF-032 Victorian Style suit is supposed to be based on. So far Crazy Owners has always based their 1/6 scale outfits / costume sets on certain famous / prominent people and you can recognize the similarity instantly but this time, I'm stumped. Anybody got any ideas to share? Scroll down to see more of the 1/6 scale Gunner coat and shirt with real pockets plus trousers, cowboy hat, cowboy boots and Smith & Wessen S&W .45 Schofield revolver (patented in the USA on 20 June 1871 and 22 April 1873 by Smith and Wesson, and was used by the US Army from 1875 – 1892).


Combo said...

Indeed, that is some crazy collection right there. That cowboy hat looks pretty dope.

Anonymous said...

The only actor that the sculpt bears any resemblance to is Steven Seagal, but westerns aren't his genre. Very curious choice!