Monday, February 4, 2013

Incoming Hot Toys PPS001 Iron Man 3: 1/6th scale Power Pose Mark XLII Collectible Figurine

“I am Iron Man.”

The Iron Man 3 movie is coming in just three months and it is time to activate the armor! In view of the high anticipation of the Mark XLII character, Hot Toys is thrilled to present the 1/6th scale Power Pose Mark XLII Collectible Figurine from the new Power Pose Series from the Iron Man 3 movie as the debut of the Series, highlighting the powerful poses performed, LED light-up functions and figure stand with Mark XLII and the Stark Industries nameplate.

Leading the Series is the highly anticipated 1/6th scale Power Pose Mark XLII Collectible Figurine which is semi-articulated, featuring the flying and battle poses, ability to perform waist and neck twist actions closed to that in the movie, LED light-up functions and figure stand with Mark XLII and the Stark Industries nameplate.

Please refer to the attached photos and spec below for your reference.

Hot Toys releasing this Power Pose Series only goes to prove one thing - that all the previously released Hot Toys 1/6 scale Iron Man 12-inch collectible figures are not designed to strike any dramatic pose other then the obligatory stand and fire pose OR stand and look pretty pose because any further stretching and bending of the limbs will inadvertently cause the paint to chip or damage or break some body part. Hence the need for this Power Pose Series which is just some nice words for Non-movable, non-poseable statute! Collectors are telling Hot Toys they want a more pose-able Iron Man figure and Hot Toys answer is A STATUE. That's what army folks call "KISS" which is Keep It Simple, Stupid! But Hot Toys calls it PPS - Please Pay Some-more!

Hot Toys Power Pose Series (PPS) - PPS001 - Iron Man 3: 1/6th scale Power Pose Mark XLII Collectible Figurine specially features: Authentic likeness of Mark XLII in the movie; Approximately 30 cm tall; Metallic red and gold painting on armor; Special patterns on underarms: Ball joints on four limbs and wrists for posing, Two (2) poses performed including the flying mode and battle mode with his iconic repulsor blast action, One (1) interchangeable right thigh for mode switching; LED-lighted eyes and RT on chest (white light, battery operated); One (1) pair of relaxed palms with light-up repulsors (white light, battery operated); One (1) left fist; Figure stand with Mark XLII and the Stark Industries nameplate with transparent pillar. Suitable for displaying with the Movie Masterpiece & Diorama Series

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Couldn't Hot Toys have thought of a better way to pose the so called "flying" mode than a transparent stick / pole up his crotch? The "transparent pillar" (as Hot Toys calls it) going up his a$$ho!e doesn't sit well with me. Ouch!

I still prefer Medicom Toys clear stands which allow you to pose the 12-inch figure in some nice poses without having the stick go up their posterior. See my post HERE where I showed some different types of figure display stands available in the market and how they work :)

Click on the pictures for a bigger and better view of Repulsor Blast Iron Man Mark XLII

Check out the interchangeable thighs for switching poses

**This collectible is limited edition
**Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different
**Product details could be subjected to change without further notice
**Battery included for collectible figure, button cells are required

Release date: Q2, 2013


Ben M said...

Honestly I am happy with how the MMS 1/6 Ironmans are as far as pose-ability. With the amount of detail they cram in to the figure I don't expect it to realistically pose like he does in the movie... it is a movie after all.

alex teo said...

Hi Ben I believe you just hit the nail on the head :) Iron Man is a movie and a CGI movie as far as the armor suit is concerned so everything we see on screen is imagined and made to look real but we all know it's NOT real. Hence when an actual figure is made (even if it's in 1/6 scale) we then realize that a lot of the poses we see on the big screen is just not possible when you try to do the same with the actual figure in hand. I also much prefer the MMS 1/6 scale Iron Man figures for their details because these latest Power Poser Series seem to lose a bit of that in these pictures shown as many of the parts are just one big piece put together to from a whole instead of many small articulated pieces which makes the figure look more realistic.

humanbeingill said...

No contest, the MSS(s) are feats of engineering, detail and design. Theres no comparing and there should be no conflict of interest as to what 1/6 Ironman to get WITHIN the same company. HOT TOYS should have sold the idea to another company... Bowden Designs or Gentle Giant etc for example and stick to what they do best, POSABLE kick-@$$ figures!

shiro said...

Hot Toys is aiming to hit multiple birds with 1 stone by coming up with a 1/6 scale statue. Could it be that someone screwed up the timeline or maybe the production line of the 1/6 scale figure of IM XLII? Instead of throwing the parts Hot Toys came up with a trash-to-gold idea, a statue!