Sunday, February 17, 2013

Check out Sideshow Collectibles Cold Cast Bronze Classic Marvel Spider-Man Statue

Sideshow Collectibles proudly presents Spider-Man, the newest Marvel icon in the Sideshow Classics statue collection. Crafted using a unique cold cast bronze process that integrates metallic powder and polystone, it retains much of the look and feel of a traditional foundry bronze. With a distinctive luster, more substantial weight, and cool-to-the-touch feel, the Spider-man Sideshow Classics Cold Cast Bronze statue is an exceptional addition to any collection.

Spider-Man cast in bronze looks more like Han Solo in Carbonite as seen in "Star Wars Episode IV: The Empire Strikes Back". Darth Vader ordered the modification of a freezing chamber on Bespin's Cloud City so that he could freeze Luke Skywalker — eliminating any chance of escape — to transport him to the Emperor. As a test, the process was tried on Han Solo, who survived the freezing process through the use of a special device and was eventually freed from his trap. Scroll down to see more pictures of this upcoming release of Sideshow Collectibles Cold Cast Bronze Spider-Man Statue.

This Sideshow Classics Statue Cold Cast Bronze Spider-Man is 20" H (508mm) x 12" W (304.8mm) x 10" L (254mm) and weighs 9.00 lbs (4.08 kg). Price? US$299.99! Being a statue, don't expect any articulation whatsoever ;p It's just going to stay frozen there, cast in stone forever. Which is why I can never get / understand the appeal of statues nor can I truly appreciate them. Perhaps if they were much cheaper but given the high price, I always expect it to do more than just stand there.

This particular Spider-Man Cold Cast Bronze Statue caught my eye because it is of the classic Spider-Man in a rather dynamic pose from the Marvel comics and not one of the modern interpretations or movie version costumes

Thing is, was Spider-Man that muscular or was his strength enhanced from the radioactive spider's bite? i.e. he has super strength but was not muscularly built like Captain America or Batman. Me thinks he should be more lean.

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