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ACI Toys 1/6 scale Warriors III Roman General (Maximus Decimus Meridius) 12" figure Review II

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Here's more of ACI Toys 2012 Anniversary Product - 1/6 scale Warriors III Roman General 12-inch figure (limited to 1500 pieces) in my second-part review of Russell Crowe as General Maximus Decimus Meridius in the 2000 epic "Gladiator". Having shown the box packaging and its contents plus pictures of how the basic figure looks without his armor in the previous post, this toy blog post review will show how the figure looks with all his armor put on. It is truly a magnificent figure and for me, the ultimate Roman General figure to be released so far. Ignite did release some Roman military figures in the past but I think they are nowhere near as good or as detailed and well made as this ACI Roman General 1/6 scale figure. Everything from 1/6 scale head sculpt of Russell Crowe to the crazy details on the armor is top notch :)

ACI Toys 1/6 scale Warriors III Roman General basic figure comes with 1/6 scale head sculpt, ACI fully articulated 12-inch male body, Embossed Cuirass with shoulder armor, Embossed helmet with feathered mane, Jerkin, Tunic, Pants and Scarf, Roman General Boots, Greaves / Leg Armor, Gauntlets, Gladius + sheath x 2 pcs, Fabric cloak with faux fur, two extra pairs of hands for posing.

Here's how the ACI Roman General 1/6 figure looks fully decked out in armor (missing the helmet at the moment). The Embossed Cuirass is worn over the jerkin and tunic plus Pteruges or skirt of leather strips and held together by six "buckles". The shoulder armor is then added on for the layered look

The legions of the Roman Republic and Empire wore fairly standardised dress and armour. These included the basic tunic of the Roman soldier which was of red or undyed (off-white) wool, the Galea or soldier's helmet, Lorica (armour), including: Lorica hamata (mail armour), Lorica manica (arm guards), Lorica plumata (feathered armour) for strong use, Lorica segmentata (segmented armour), Lorica squamata (scale armour) and Greaves (armor to protect the legs).

The ACI Roman General comes with two 1/6 scale swords or gladius with sheaths / scabbards attached to leather straps, one carried on his waist and the other is slung across his shoulder.

This ACI Toys 2012 Anniversary Product - 1/6 scale Warriors III Roman General 12-inch figure (limited to 1500 pieces) comes with instructions (see previous post) telling you how to equip and gear up this Roman General, including the fabric waist belt.

The shoulder armor is attached to the embossed cuirass via hooks underneath. The shoulder armor was actually individual iron plates articulated by means of internal leather straps. The focale, a scarf is worn by the Roman legionary to protect the neck from chafing caused by constant contact with the soldier's armor.

Check out the close-up pictures taken of ACI Toys Warriors III Roman General 1/6 scale head sculpt that looks a lot like actor Russell Crowe as General Maximus Decimus Meridius in "Gladiator". It's a very good likeness and one of the best looking head sculpt of Russell Crowe to date :)

The Pteruges or skirt of leather or fabric strips is worn around the waist to protect the upper legs. Pteruges could be fitted with small metal studs and plates to provide additional protection.

Here's a close look at one of the gladius (short sword) in sheath / scabbard. This was an effective stabbing weapon for fighting in close quarters.

Close-up shots of the leg greaves worn by ACI's Roman General figure as well as the Caliga or military boots worn by Roman legionaries and auxiliaries throughout the history of the Roman Republic and Empire. The boots were made from leather and laced up the center of the foot and onto the top of the ankle. Iron hobnails were hammered into the sole for added strength.

The embossed cuirass is incredibly detailed and very well made.

The Roman General carries another longer sword with him, also held in sheath when not in use but carried in a cross shoulder leather strap. See also the 1/6 scale Lorica manica (arm guards) / gauntlets

Scroll down to see more close-up pictures of ACI Toys 1/6 scale Warriors III Roman General (Maximus Decimus Meridius) 12-inch figure in full armor

Last but not least, check out the Roman General's helmet. The Imperial helmet-type (known as the Weisenau type in Germany) was a type of helmet worn by Roman legionaries; it replaced the Coolus type, and constituted the final evolutionary stage of the legionary helmet (galea).

ACI 12-inch Roman General figure comes with a 1/6 scale Embossed helmet with feathered mane which is also nicely detailed.

NEXT: See how this ACI Toys 1/6 scale Roman General looks with helmet put on his head plus the last item that makes this figure look like the General in "Gladiator" - the fabric cloak with faux fur :)


Richie said...

Great looking item! Very close to the movie. :D However, i believe there are a lot of historical inconsistencies when it comes to the look of Maximus...armor, weapons, etc. Still awesome though! :D

alex teo said...

Maximus from the film wasn't really a historical figure ;p General Maximus Decimus Meridius is a fictional character partly inspired by Marcus Nonius Macrinus, Narcissus, Spartacus, Cincinnatus, and Maximus of Hispania. This figure is rather movie accurate if you look at screen shots in comparison.

Richie said...

I know, i meant his armor, weapons and equipment..they were artistically modified for the movie..they weren't the actual stuff at that time. :D I think most collectors of this era is looking for that, historically accurate stuff. :D As for a movie fig though, i like it isn't an HT licensed set, cheaper!! HAHA :D