Friday, April 26, 2013

Preview Sideshow Collectibles Star Wars 1/6 scale Darth Malgus 12-inch figure – Is that Bane?

'You assumed no force could challenge you. And now...finally we have returned.'

At an early age, it was evident that there was a dark will behind young Veradun's sensitivity to the Force (TM). Acknowledging his impressive potential, his adoptive father arranged for Veradun to attend the Sith Academy of Dromund Kass where he would train under Sith Master Vindican. Now, having risen to the status of Sith Lord, dubbed Darth Malgus, he has become a formidable commander in the Imperial Army. Following his vision that he will be responsible for the fall of the Republic and its Jedi Order, Malgus takes his place as a defining force in the Great Galactic War.

Sideshow Collectibles is proud to introduce the Darth Malgus Sixth Scale figure from the massive multiplayer online title, The Old Republic. Join the battle! The fearsome Sith commander is crafted on a fully articulated body, outfitted with highly detailed Sith Raider armor and a distinctive lightsaber. With unique accessories, including a removable respirator mask and hooded fabric cape, the Darth Malgus Sixth Scale figure is an outstanding addition for Star Wars collectors.

The Darth Malgus Sixth Scale Figure features: 12-inch Fully Articulated Prometheus Body, 1/6 scale Battle Scarred Head sculpt with Removable Respirator Mask, Lit and Unlit Lightsabers, our (4) Pairs of Interchangeable Hands, Fabric Cape with Poseable Hood, Bodysuit with Detailed Armor

Sideshow Exclusive: Additional Unscarred Head (see picture above)

So there's a Bane in the Star Wars galaxy as well ;p I thought he was only restricted to the DC Comics universe haha


humanbeingill said...

Finally! Now for Dooku, an updated Ventress, Chewy, and Fett(s) :)

Dennis said...

I like Star Wars but somehow haven't collect any of its figure. This might be my first. I really like the overall of it, less the price.

rudeboy said...

All RIGHT!!!

A removable mask and a kickass face sculpt! Something I was hoping the HT Bane would have, but didn't. (Although I'm sure that was just some canny HT ploy so they could release a second Bane version with a Tom Hardy head sculpt.)

Anyway...sorry, Jedi. I'll gladly turn over to the Dark Side and get this Sith Lord.

humanbeingill said...

Don't think they'd ever release a maskless Bane. He was never maskless as Bane in the movie I don't think. Plus I'm pretty sure Bane even though having survived that prison-slum was severely disfigured having most of his face ripped off, hence the mask. If you look at the figure's profile there's no bump where the nose should be :(

rudeboy said...

@ humanbeingill: On the off-chance that Hot Toys does not release a maskless, Tom Hardy face sculpt Bane, there are always the third-party manufacturers waiting in the wings.

ELEVEN and HeadPlay, let's go, let's go!

Unknown said...

Why my malgus has only one head!

alex teo said...

The other head is only available when you purchase the Sideshow exclusive ;p