Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Pre-order Original Effect 1/6 Army Attractive Series Vol. 3 Harp Bullseye 12-inch female figure

Backstory from source:
Harp is genetically copy from Viola, same as Sunayuki. Harp was the USA character. She is the best sniper and also has green eyes like viola and Sunayuki. She was lost in a mission and also her contact with her USA base, so she has been staying in the church with the nuns. During her mission, she accidentally met with Viola while she was defeated by Cello and Harp took her back to the church.

This will be the third female figure to be released by Original Effect, the first being Viola (see the preview pictures HERE) and that was followed by Hasuike Sunayuki (previewed HERE). In reality, I think they are all candidates for a 1/6 scale porn movie if anyone ever thought of making one LOL

Original Effect Army Attractive series vol.3 1/6 scale Harp Bullseye 12-inch female action figure will come with 1/6 scale Harp female head sculpt, 12-inch female figure body, hat, coat, skimpy tank top, shorts, gloves, belt, stockings, butterfly ribbon ties on ankles, high heels, M82A1 sniper rifle, comic book. Scroll down to see more pictures

I think parading girls in such skimpy outfits and trying to sell them off as legit military themed figures / characters is a man thing. Some men would love to see this in (porn) films but in the real world, female soldiers can be just as capable as male troopers without having to resort to skimpy costumes that are impractical and can be seen as downright degrading. Black Widow in The Avengers, Resident Evil's Alice and Underworld's Selene are prime examples of how a female character can look sexy and still get the job done without having to resort to showing too much skin ;p I believe there's appeal in that too.

I even like what the girls wore in Sucker Punch because they didn't show too much. A little more cloth would have been preferred for this Army Attractive Series Vol. 3 Harp Bullseye 12-inch female figure but that's just my humble opinion.

As it is, the tank top is hardly there LOL why did they even bother?

She's got an interesting face. And what's with those big ankle ribbons?

She's supposed to be a sniper but I wonder how her outfit helps her to stay tactical and concealed? Hmmm

Maybe the cloak will help... if she remembers to keep her assets well covered

That's certainly a strange way to carry her bullets

You can pre-order this Original Effect Army Attractive series vol.3 1/6 scale Harp Bullseye 12-inch female action figure at TFH


Anonymous said...

my wife would rip me to shreds If this came in the mail lol....I like it, but the pricing is a little too much for these figures, for what you get. They should have given her two outfits, this and a more practical outfit, for us guys who have wives....

alex teo said...

Yup, I agree with you there. I really like the female head sculpt and concept of a female sniper but the outfit just doesn't go. And what's the point of paying so much for a figure only to have to change her entire attire. A separate / extra outfit would have been ideal.

Kaido said...

I like the rifle, HS, hat, and cloak.

The rest, yes like Anonymous says, Mrs. Kaido would kill me!

alex teo said...

haha it seems we all have the same missus, the easily jealous and killer type we didn't know we married LOL ;p

Jonloh said...

Bros, I hear you. Looks like we collected our own killer figure in 1:1 scale..

alex teo said...

haha good one Jon :)

Action Ranger Timmy said...

Jeez, in some of those photos its hard to tell that she's even wearing pants/shorts.