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Review Kaustic Plastik 1/6 scale Athletik Muscle Body KP03B Caucasian version - AWESOME

Kaustic Plastik first started out with their 1/6 scale Ancient Rome Gladiators series which did very well - check out my reviews of the Kaustic Plastik 1/6 "Celadus" 12-inch Roman Gladiator Figure HEREHERE and HERE as well as the Kaustic Plastik 1/6 "Astacius" Retiarius 12-inch roman gladiator figure HERE and HERE. Not one to rest on their laurels, Kaustic Plastik has already begun work on their Ancient Roman Army 12-inch figures. Not only that, but they have also come out with their very own 12-inch figures to rival those of Hot Toys and other more high end (and expensive) 12-inch figure bodies. The guys at Kaustic Plastik (Fabio and Danilo) believe in producing high quality products at very reasonable prices because they have the collectors' interests at heart, being 1/6 scale enthusiasts themselves.

So here's a first look at the Kaustic Plastik 1/6 scale Athletik Muscle Body KP03B Caucasian version which comes with 1/6 scale realistic head sculpt, 12-inch figure with more than 40 Points of articulation plus Extraordinarily life-like muscle definition body, 4 posing hands and Improved legs mechanism. The company has assured us that the bodies are made of extremely durable plastic (PVC and ABS) for lifetime enjoyment - no worries about cracking rubber bodies :) Scroll down to see more pictures

The Kaustic Plastik 1/6 scale Athletik Muscle Body KP03B Caucasian version comes packaged just like how all standard bodies are packed these days - in a clam shell clear packaging that shows off the figure right away, including the two extra hands. No figure stand is included because it is not necessary :) Their bodies are designed to stand very well without falling over.

Here's the Kaustic Plastik 1:6 scale Athletik Muscle Body KP03B Caucasian version straight out of the box. Just like all 12-inch figures, these bodies are suitable for 1:6 scale fabric costumes / outfits and accessories. The heads, hands and feet are interchangeable with other 12-inch figure manufacturers. The company does caution that compatibility is based on each individual manufacturer's product so discretion is advised prior to purchasing products.

Scroll down to see the turnaround views of the KP03 Athletik Muscle Body from front to side to back to side and then to front again. Scroll down even further to see the amazing poses this figure can hold. I really enjoyed toying with this new12-inch figure body and was pleasantly surprised and delighted at the poses he can hold without tumbling over.

Enough with the static standing poses. How about checking out some of the dynamic realistic looking action poses you can get from this newly released Kaustic Plastik 1:6 scale Athletik Muscle Body KP03B Caucasian version.

Here's a "Freeze, a$$hole! or I shoot" pose. I added the Glock pistol for effect as well as had him put on a pair of shorts because I didn't want him to get cold ;p

He certainly holds the pose rather nicely and has no problems staying up. Joints are stiff and tight and very ideal for posing and holding poses.

Below are some close-up shots (pun intended) / pictures of the "Extraordinarily life-like muscle definition body" that comes with this Kaustic Plastik 1/6 scale Athletik Muscle Body KP03B Caucasian version.

The muscular chest is flexible enough (it's soft and squeezable) to allow the arms to go across the chest or even brought to the centre for both hands to clasp the pistol without any problems.

You can also get a better view of the 1/6 scale caucasian head sculpt from these close-up shots although I am not able to tell who he is supposed to resemble (if any). It could be just a generic head but usually companies tend to base their head sculpts on someone famous.

I like that he has a no-nonsense look about him i.e. he won't take any nonsense from anyone!

The KP03 12-inch figure is also able to take a knee (kneel) comfortably and look good doing it too. You can get very natural poses out of this guy.

A view from the back

And a view to a kill ;p

And how's this for a slide and shoot maneuver? I wouldn't be too concerned about the joints showing because most times the figure will be wearing something - a suit, BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) or an outfit over the body. The part that is most often left exposed would be the neck and the neck here is very good. You can tilt the head to the sides without any problem as the neck is flexible enough.

I really like this Kaustic Plastik 1/6 scale Athletik Muscle Body KP03B Caucasian version for what it can do and how he looks very natural doing it. Highly recommended!

If you would like to order, you can visit the following links –
Kaustic Plastik's website (For EUROPE)
Cotswold Collectibles website (FOR USA),
BBICN website (For ASIA).

MORE action poses in the next post :) Stay tuned


Mick said...

From my Interview with Fabio:

Many people say, for example, that the African-American version looks like Terry Crews. Are all your head sculpts based on real life people?

Yes we always find inspiration in real life people… but we do not like to make “replicas” of real actors or famous persons..
We simply regard it as an artistic inspiration… We give the sculptures a personal touch so that in the end the finished sculpture only bears a slight resemblance with the original person.
Sometimes we even combine two different real life people in one single sculpture!!!
But we always like to keep it a secret who the real person who inspired us, is. Thus, it is funnier to follow the discussions in the forums, where our fans are eager to find out which sculpture resembles which famous person.

alex teo said...

Thanks Mick for the link :)

D7ana said...

Thanks for sharing this new figure, Alex! Wish list addition ;)

alex teo said...

You are most welcome D7ana :) great things are meant to be shared.