Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Review III: VTS 1/6 scale The Revenger (Ray Stevenson Punisher War Zone) 12-inch figure

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Here are pictures taken of the VTS Toys 1/6 scale The Revenger 12-inch action figure armed with the 1/6 scale Smith & Wesson Model 500 Performance Center Magnum revolver with a Knight's Armament RIS setup, a tactical flashlight, a laser, and a black suppressor installed. I have already covered this VTS Toys Revenger figure's box packaging and contents HERE, followed by pictures of the fully kitted out figure HERE but because he has quite a number of weapons included, I just had to post pictures of him with the specially customized one-of-a-kind 1/6 scale S&W revolver.

If I haven't already said how great this figure is, let me reiterate again: "This is a DAM fine figure!" Pardon the pun but since DAM Toys is also VTS Toys, you can be assured of quality and highly detailed gear and accessories which VTS doesn't disappoint, including movie accurate weapons. Art Figures had already released their version of this 1/6 scale Ray Stevenson Frank Castle Punisher War Zone 12-inch figure  in 2011 (you can see my review and pictures HERE and HERE) but this VTS Revenger figure seems to fare better in terms of gear, accessories and weapons. Scroll down to see the pictures and you can be the judge :)

VTS Toys 1/6 scale The Revenger 12-inch figure (Ray Stevenson as Frank Castle / The Punisher) comes dressed in black long sleeve sweater, combat pants, BDU belt and black combat boots. Other items included are: extra palm / hand for gripping his knife as well as a pair of tactical gloves (fingerless), bendy hands x 2, watch, body armor, combat belt, AR-15 magazine holster, grenade pouch x 2, fragmentation grenade x 2, CQC holster with drop leg platform, CQC holster with molle platform, CQC pistol magazine holster x 2, AR15 carbine with reflex sight, suppressor, grenade launcher, rail cover x 2, AR-15 mag 1 + 1, 40mm grenade x 3, tactical rifle sling, Beretta 92 pistol x 2, pistol magazine x 2, tactical mod revolver with micro red dot scope and weapon light with laser, revolver rounds x 6, revolver drop leg holster, combat knife with scabbard. Phew! that is quite a lot of stuff.

The 1/6 scale Smith & Wesson Model 500 revolver can be taken apart into two parts by removing the retaining pin. The revolver hammer can also be pulled back. The revolver cylinder is removable, as are the six bullets inside the chamber / cylinder. Close-up pictures posted HERE.

Here's the movie promotional poster image of Ray Stevenson as Frank Castle from The Punisher War Zone movie

And here's the VTS 1/6 scale The Revenger 12-inch figure. A very close match if you ask me.

NEXT: Comparison pictures of VTS 1/6 scale The Revenger side-by-side with Art Figures: SAVES "Punisher: War Zone" 12-inch Figure. It's all in the details.

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Unknown said...


Exxcellent review with amazing photographs. You sold me on the 7" Ninja Turtles and now I just bought this figure off eBay!

Looking forward to part 4.

alex teo said...

This is a nice figure, Bill :) glad you managed to score one. Welcome aboard haha