Saturday, January 11, 2014

Preview Phicen Limited 1/6 scale Red Fox on Fire 12-inch Deluxe Collector female action figure

Phicen has announced a new fully outfitted Female Seamless Figure. Phicen Limited 1/6 scale Red Fox on Fire 12-inch Deluxe Collector female action figure will come outfitted in a neck scarf, black lace bustier, dark brown leather shorts, reddish orange leather jacket with dark leather belt, knee high leather boots, knee pads and wrist guards. She will be armed with two pistols that are holstered on her left and right hips, a M4 Carbine with "Masterkey" shotgun mounted on the underside of the rifle (shot shells are holstered on her right arm), and Kukri style knife holstered on her back. The new female head sculpt will come with short auburn rooted hair.

Phicen Limited Item NO: PL2014-25 Red Fox in Fire 1:6 Scale Deluxe Collector Figure measures 29.5cm in height. Part list (exactly as given - I think there's something lost in translation LOL): Seamless body in large bust size, 1:6 scale Female Head sculpt, Replaceable hands 6 pc / 3 pairs, Siamese underwear, Siamese leather skirt, Scarf, Wrist protector, Back pocket, Belt, Canister holder, Left-leg holster, Right-leg holster, knee pads 2 pc / 1 pair, High-heel boots 2 pc / 1 pair, Dogleg knife, Pistol 2 pc, Pistol clips 2 pc, Canister 5 pc, Modular plug shotgun, Submachine gun, Submachine gun Clips, Stand. Scroll down to see the rest of the pictures

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sneaky prawn said...

She looks like mary elizabeth winstead. Mclain's daughter from live free or die hard