Monday, January 20, 2014

1/6 Fat Boy Slim? Nah! It's ZCWO 1/6 PTU Hong Kong Police Tactical Unit - Tong (casual version)

ZCWO has already previewed a version of this character "Tong" in full PTU uniform with gear and accessories HERE. The 12-inch figure is based on the 2003 Hong Kong crime thriller film "PTU: Police Tactical Unit" with Hong Kong actor Lam Suet (Chinese: 林雪) playing the role of an Organised Crime and Triad Bureau Sergeant Lo Sa who loses his service revolver after he was assaulted by a group of triad members. This is a variant version based on the post scuffle appearance after he was roughed up by the thugs and losing his revolver! It is a collaboration figure between ZCWO and Milk Cargo (now that's what I call "milking it" LOL) and it's supposed to be a limited edition collectible figure.

It's nice to see an Asian head sculpt once in a while and this one even comes with a "fat" body suit to complete the look. You have to be a big fan of the character or the movie to even want to consider this and obviously this limited edition figure is targeted at very small market because i don't know of many people / collectors who would be eager to grab their hands on this fat boy. Scroll down to see the rest of the pictures.

This would make a good companion piece to the earlier released ZCWO and Iminime 1/6 scale PTU Tactical Unit Sergeant (Sam) 12-inch figure (previewed earlier HERE)

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