Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Sega "Aliens: Colonial Marines" Collector's Edition 8-inch (20cm) tall Power Loader Figurine

Let's POWER Up for the New Year 2014 :)

This rather detailed Power Loader and Xenomorph NPVC Collectible figurine came with the Sega "Aliens: Colonial Marines" Collectors Edition pack. Pack includes the game and additional USCM Dossier with Mission Brief, USS Sephora schematic, recruitment card, LV-426 Recon photo, USCM iron-on badges and Certificate of Graduation.

I was only interested in the mini statue that is the Collectors Edition 8-inch (20cm) tall Power Loader with Xenomorph Figurine :)

The packaging itself is rather eye catching with a swarm of alien Xenomorphs surrounding the box and looking like they are ready to pounce and attack the lone Marine figure in the seat of the Power Loader. The USCM Marine already has one Xenomorph climbing on the Power Loader and about to inflict some serious damage on the human in the machine. What will the outcome be? Scroll down to see the rest of the pictures.

The Caterpillar P-5000 Powered Work Loader has been selected by the US Colonial Marines as their prime loader vehicle for logistic and support operations. Configured as an anthropomorphic exoskeleton power frame, the P-5000 offers unprecedented flexibility when handling ordinance and cargo during rough field operations or when conducting heavy maintenance away from fixed workshops.

The Marines never expected that the Power Loader would be used as a weapon to combat the alien Xenomorphs until Ellen Ripley showed them how. In the 1986 "Aliens" movie, she first impresses the Marines by offering to help them load their drop ship and displaying her expertise with the large Power Loader. She later battles the Queen Alien Xenomorph with it when she steps inside the exoskeleton-like machine and makes herself an even match for the giant Queen.

This Sega "Aliens: Colonial Marines" Collector's Edition 8-inch (20cm) tall Power Loader with alien Xenomorph Figurine is highly detailed for something so small in scale and size, which is why it caught my attention. I don't believe in paying too much for statues but this particular piece was on offer at a very good price :) I was attracted to the statue and am not even interested in playing the game LOL

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boon said...

Happy New Year! Thanks for the review and photos. I was also looking for this but found most shops selling it at $100+

If you don't mind, could you share where and how much you got it for?

alex teo said...

I happen to pass by AMK Hub and saw a shop selling this for $59, much lower than the original price of around $165. It's the PC version but I only wanted the figurine so I didn't mind. Cheers :)

boon said...

Great price! Thanks Alex :)

alex teo said...

U R most welcome :) hope you can get yours too. Cheers