Friday, March 14, 2014

It's only mid-March but I already have some haul: Reborn body, ED-209, Hit Girl, CIA, HK416 etc

Here's a quick look at my early March haul :) It includes a NECA 10-inch ED-209 robot action figure from the RoboCop movie, Original Effect 1/6 scale OE Reborn body (female standard), Play Toy 1/6 scale Purple Girl, Very Hot CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) outfit and accessories set, E&S (Easy & Simple) Assault Rifle 416 Special Forces set E (Frostbite) and Belet 003 1/6 scale head sculpt that bears a very strong resemblance to Morgan Freeman.

Most of the stuff are 1/6 scale (my cup of tea) except for the NECA 10-inch tall Enforcement Droid ED-209 from the RoboCop movie which is obviously not 1/6 scale but I always did have a thing for RoboCop, more so the classic and original version rather than the newer reboot version. You can check out my earlier post HERE of some of my RoboCop and RoboCop movie-releated figures on display. Guess I'm an old school kind of guy ;p Scroll down to see more of the pictures. 

NECA 10-inch ED-209 Figure With Sound from the 1987 "Robocop" movie. When the Enforcement Droid ED-209 kills a board member during a demonstration, the OCP chairman, "The Old Man" decides to go with the experimental cyborg design titled "RoboCop". And that was the reason RoboCop was created. So it stands to reason that ED-209 played a big part in RoboCop's birth. Plus it's a pretty cool robot and a classic, still loved to this day. Why else would NECA release the robot figure in 2014, 27 years after the movie's release?

OE (Original Effect) 1/6th scale Reborn body (female standard) is about 13 inches tall and comes with eight pieces (four pairs) of interchangeable hands. Many people ask, "Why buy this figure when she's obviously taller and towers over all 12-inch figures?" Guess you'll have to stay tuned to find out ;p 

Play Toy Purple Girl Sixth Scale Figure is none other than Chloë Grace Moretz as Mindy Macready / Hit Girl from Kick Ass 2 . Being much cheaper than the Medicom Toys version (pictures HERE) at more than half the price, I just had to take a chance and see how she looks. You can check out the preview pictures HERE

I have plans for this Very Hot CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) outfit and accessories set which looks GREAT for some kitbashing I have in mind. I certainly don't need another 1/6 scale CIA figure since I have quite a few 12-inch spooks in my collection already. Check out my posts HERE and HERE

This E&S (Easy & Simple) Assault Rifle 416 Special Forces set E (Frostbite) is intended for someone special ;p I realized after assembling him that he's missing a weapon. So I decided to get him one and this looks right up his alley. Who am I talking about? You can check him out HERE and be sure to check back later for an updated look.

Last but not least, Belet 003 1/6 scale head sculpt with Morgan Freeman likeness. How can I not have a 12-inch figure of a guy who has been GOD in "Bruce Almighty", Sergeant Major John Rawlins in the American Civil War film "Glory", United States President in "Deep Impact" (back then, there was no black president so people could know that the movie wasn't real), Speaker Allan Trumbull in "Olympus has Fallen", South African President in "Invictus", Joe in "RED", Lucius Fox in Christopher Nolan's Batman: The Dark Knight trilogy, Malcolm Beech in "Oblivion", Detective Lt. William Somerset in "Se7en", Vitruvius (voice) in "The Lego Movie" and so many more. Excited to have him.

So these are all for now. Watch this space for updates and reviews :)


Dom said...

Impatiently I will for the review of the OE Reborn. I really hope that her shoes/feet aren't one piece. As any girl knows, you can't just have one pair of shoes!

Unknown said...

Hi Alex, can you share the contact for the Hit Girl pre-order? Thanks.

alex teo said...

Hi looatzoo, Hit Girl was on pre-order sometime back but now is out of stock -

alex teo said...

Hey Don, just thought you should know: OE Reborn girl feet and shoes are molded as one piece. Pictures will follow soon.

Unknown said...

Darn. Thanks!