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Review III Hot Toys "G.I. Joe Retaliation" 12-inch Dwayne Johnson as Roadblock Collectible Figure

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Here's my third and final review cum toy blog post of this recently released Hot Toys "G.I. Joe Retaliation" 1/6th scale Dwayne Johnson as Roadblock 12-inch tall Collectible Figure. The first part review covered the box packaging, contents and instructions sheet plus 1/6 scale Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's 12-inch tattoo body (posted HERE) and the second review showed off the unique custom weapons movie version Roadblock carries on his body (pictures HERE). This final review shows off Hot Toys 12-inch Dwayne Johnson Roadblock figure armed with the 1/6 scale M249E2 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) fitted with an Aimpoint CompM4s red dot sight. Scroll down to see the pictures :)

Before Hot Toys ventured into their 1/6 scale Movie Masterpiece Series (MMS) with official licensed movie-related products, they were already producing and releasing highly detailed 12-inch military figures (as far back as 1999) and I was one of those who got hooked because back in the day, military figures were the nom and movie-related figures were not that common an item. Check out my earlier post HERE of the Hot Toys US Navy SEAL VBSS Commander. How times have changed. Movie-related figures are more in demand now because many people can identify with them, having seen the figures in the films that they have watched. So for Hot Toys to produce movie-related military figures is the least of problems to them. 

The problem is with some of the new generation collectors who did not come into this hobby learning how to assemble and put together a military figure. 12-inch Military figures are like model kits. You have to put on the 1/6 scale gear and accessories just like you would do it to yourself, kitting up for battle. But a lot of new generation collectors expect everything to come assembled so that they can just take the figure out and display, foregoing the joy and satisfaction of putting everything together. Hence Hot Toys is very mindful to put in very accurate and careful instructions on how to assemble the figure. You won't find instructions for military styled figures. You are expected to figure it out by yourself. That's the difference in the two types of collecting ;p

The 1/6 scale M249E2 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) fitted with an Aimpoint CompM4s red dot sight seems tiny in Roadblock's hands. That's probably because Dwayne Johnson as Roadblock is a big fellow. Too bulky to be stealthy, me thinks. The new body with the double-jointed elbows works well and allows Roadblock to hold his weapon properly

Check out the close-up views of Hot Toys 1/6 scale M249E2 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) fitted with an Aimpoint CompM4s red dot sight. It has great details and is very well made.

"G.I. Joe Retaliation" Roadblock has some very interesting custom weapons. He has two brass knuckles carried on his hip which also double up as handles for his knife, dagger and baton as well as pistol grips for his Glock 21 pistols which are holstered separately in drop-down holsters. The pistol parts are exposed to the elements which is a no-no in the military world.

Close-up view of Hot Toys Roadblock's 1/6 scale boots which are "boot-feet", something Hot Toys invented because before this innovation, all figures have feet that slipped into boots and shoes.

Here's a look at Roadblock's baton stored in its holder and attached to the back of his tactical armor vest. The baton is attachable to the brass knuckles carried on his hips.

Hot Toys Dwayne Johnson as Roadblock wears a wrist watch and electronic device on his left hand. The close-up picture and details were shown in the previous post.

Too bad Hot Toys didn't include a 1/6 scale Browning M2 Aircraft machine gun fitted with a custom "chainsaw" grip that was first seen being fired handheld by Roadblock while on a firing range with Duke. The custom M2 is then seen in General Colton's home armory and then mounted on the roof of a "Ripsaw" tracked vehicle made by Howe and Howe Technologies that is driven by Roadblock at the film's climax battle. Roadblock handholding and firing the M2 is a tribute to the original comic book, where the character regularly carried an M2 by hand.

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