Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pre-Order Ax2 Studio's Inu and Saru series 1/6 scale Yojimbo Shusuke 12-inch action figure

"I shall killeth those who dareth toucheth mineth mast'r!"
Shusuke/ Yojimbo from the tribe of Saru

Yojimbo is my job. The members of Inu teased me, saying what I do is reminiscent of a watchdog that guards the entrance of Saru, but I pay them no heed. My life belongs to my mast'r. A grateful dog is no doubt far nobler than those crude, thankless goshi.

YOJIMBO means bodyguards, the job is usually taken by the more destitute rank of Samurai, such as the Ronin. Yet the attire of a Saru sergeant ought to be glamorous, so even a mere bodyguard's garments would appear more extravagant than that of usual corporals. The Saru people do not tolerate any dishevelment in clothing - a set of elegant, organized attire represents the frontage of the entire Saru clan. GOSHI means the lowest rank of samurai.

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Ax2 Studio Inu and Saru series 1/6 scale Yojimbo Shusuke 12-inch figure is open for Pre-Order from 03/14/2013, 8AM Pacific Standard Time. The first batch pre-order of Yojimbo gets the promotional deal: $165 U.S (limited to 400 pieces worldwide, original retail price: $185 U.S)

Product will be available at:

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humanbeingill said...

now this is what I'm talking about completely unique beautiful and stand out I'll take this over any two Ironman figures any day

humanbeingill said...

Just made my order Thanks to your site! When is the actual predicted release date?