Friday, June 27, 2014

Hot Toys presents The Dark Knight Rises: 1/12th scale The Bat Collectible Set (includes Batman)

In The Dark Knight Rises, the epic conclusion to the Batman Trilogy by Christopher Nolan, Batman was presented an all new aircraft by Lucius Fox. In last year’s exhibitions, Hot Toys has shown the prototype of the 1/12th scale The Bat and fans were already anticipating the official reveal of this amazing collectible!

To celebrate Batman’s 75th anniversary, Hot Toys is thrilled to officially introduce the 1/12th scale The Bat Collectible to our new MMS Compact Series! It is highly detailed and specially crafted based on the film, featuring finely sculpted aircraft structure, remote controlled LED light up and propellers spinning functions and a 1/12th scale Batman Collectible Figure. Batman fans don’t pass up on the opportunity to pre-order this remarkable collectible!

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