Friday, June 20, 2014

Another Original Effect (OE) Killer Instinct series 1/6 Sophia female figure (Hit Girl wannabe?)

This will be the third figure under Original Effect (OE) Killer Instinct series and the FIRST figure that is considered not an adult (ie 13-inch tall / 33 cm). Original Effect (OE) Killer Instinct Sophia female figure will be 27 cm tall (10.5 inches) and considered a "teenie" (teenager?). This is a most interesting move as it will mean that this OE figure is on par with other 1/6 scale figures and at 27cm tall (10.5 inches), Sophia will be in the right proportion with all other 12-inch tall figures, thus putting OE on the 12-inch figure market and giving 1/6 scale figure collectors another option for female bodies. OE even shows us a picture of Sophia standing beside Dam Toys Spade 3 figure for size comparison.

Original Effect (OE) Killer Instinct series 1/6 Sophia female figure will come with: 1/6 scale Sophia's head sculpt, Movable eyeballs x 1 Pair, 27 cm Teenie body, Hands x 6 Pair (with gloves x 5; normal x 1 ), Pink glasses, Bowknot underwear, Short shirt, Bow tie, Suspender skirt, Hold-ups, High-heeled leather shoes, Knee pads x 1 Pair, Sportswear, Armband, Tactical vest, Shoe covers x 1 Pair, Customized Mauser pistol ( with hard case holster), Sword x 1 Pair (with scabbard)

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This female figure will make a great companion for AX2 1/6 scale BOOM # 2 Rei 12-inch figure as both are double sword wielding figures not dressed in traditional gear / apparel. Check out the pictures of AX2 "Boom!" Series Collection # 2 1/6 Scale Rei (prototype clone) 12-inch Action Figure HERE , HERE and HERE

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Anonymous said...

It also looks like the only figure so far outside of the first killer instinct that isn't weirdly sexualized. Well; assuming you don't have a school girl fetish.