Friday, June 6, 2014

Incoming: Very Cool Toys New Product: 1/6 scale Soviet Red Army Female Soldier 12" figure

Important Note: This product is for military collectors & historic education purposes only, and it is NOT intended to glorify nor exploit the horrors and atrocities of war.

From Very Cool Toys:
In World War II, the Great Patriotic War the Soviet Union was the most brutal war in human history. To win this war, the people of the former Soviet Union paid an unprecedented extremely heavy cost. Lenin Communist Youth League of the Soviet Union issued a general mobilization to all the girls, calling them taking off "Blazy", put the Reds loaded with youth and their blood to defend the country. In a short period of time, a total of 800,000 female enlisted, where the vast majority of girls.

This was the most extensive in the history of mankind a female team, in addition to their work in the medical health and communications, but also responsible for a variety of the most dangerous tasks, such as snipers, machine gunners, scouts, tanks, soldiers and pilots and so on. Soviet female lives and blood went through and won the most brutal wars in human history. More than half of these young female soldiers died on the battlefield or the German fascist concentration camp. Say "war let women go away," but women are precisely the most tragic war in the history of mankind, the most tragic victim, we should not forget them.

Very Cool Toys New Product (Product Code VCF2020): 1/6 scale Soviet Red Army Female Soldier 12" figure will come with: 1/6 scale Female Head Sculpt with rooted hair,  VC Caucasian skin tone Large-Bust Female Body, Military Overcoat, Cotton Cap, Military Coat, Skirt, Tricorn Hat, Pair of Silk Stockings, Genuine Leather Belt X 2, PPSH41 Assault Rifle, Drum magazine, Backpack, Bullet / Cartridge Bag, Pair of Simulation Boots, Medical Sleeves, Traffic Officer Sleeves, Pair of traffic Control Flags, Pair of Hair-Band, Pair of Relaxed Hand Set, Pair of Holding-Gun Hand Set, Pair of Fist Hand Set, Pair of Grip Hand Set, Pair of Hook-Gun Hand Set

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This is essentially an Updated version of the old DML Dragon Models Limited 1/6 scale Anna, Red Army NCO Traffic Control Branch (Sergeant), Crimea 1944 12-inch female military figure. She came with Fur Cap, Greatcoat, M43 Gymnastiorka Tunic, Panty Hose, Skirt, Female Marching Boots and 1/6 scale Equipment such as: M1891 Ammo Pouch, Red Army Belt, Torch, BN Gas Mask Bag, Water Bottle with Cover. Weapons included: M1981-30 Moisin-Nagant Rifle. Insignia: Traffic Controller Armband, Soviet Red Star Cap Insignia Shoulder Strap. Others – Traffic Control Flags (Red and White).

Comments on the forums regarding this soon-to-be-released Very Cool Toys New Product: 1/6 scale Soviet Red Army Female Soldier 12" figure are: Ushanka looks a bit big and too modern. Also, the improper ammo pouch for the weapon and the shape of the sole and the tread pattern of the boots look way too modern as well.

Seems to be three different service branches here: medical, sentry and traffic control. Medics don't carry weapons or else they'll get shot at. Would have been nice if they had added a round PpsH pouch as well.

Aside from the few inaccuracies this actually looks pretty nice. Even the head sculpt shows promise. Not your typical Hollywood beauty (the nose is a little too long and sharp) but nice for the girl next door look.


Anonymous said...

Skirt is too short for the time period.

Unknown said...

Hi there, do you know any stockists, retailers or distributors for Very Cool Toys products?

alex teo said...

Hi Colin, you can try Cotswold Collectibles -

Unknown said...

Thanks, I will