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Group pictures of Foxbox Studio 1/6 scale God Complex 12-inch Hermes, Hades, Inari figures

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After all that we have seen of the 2014 Thailand Toy Expo FoxBox Studio exclusive God Complex: Black Hermes Psychoprompus 12-inch figure (only 20 pieces were offered) which was reviewed earlier in my toy blog HERE with comparison pictures posted HERE standing side-by-side with the original (version 1.0) Foxbox Studio 1/6 scale God Complex Hermes (limited to 100 pieces), I guess it's time to put all of them together for a group shot / picture :)

Pictured above and in the rest of this post are the four figures from FoxBox Studio 1/6 scale God Complex series, with the latest 12-inch figure Black Hermes Psychoprompus standing in the centre and flanked by original Hermes on the left of the picture, Inari on the right with Hades at the back.

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Here's the first released God Complex Hermes figure (I added the black overcoat) standing with Black Hermes Psychoprompus and Hades. You can check out my reviews of the FIRST Foxbox Studio God Complex: Hermes 1/6 scale figure HERE, HERE and HERE.

Hades was the second God Complex figure released by Foxbox Studio. Foxbox Studio "God Complex: Hades" 1/6 scale Limited Edition 12-inch Action Figure was reviewed HERE, HERE and HERE. In The "God Complex" universe created by Bryan Lie of Foxbox Studio, Hades is the figurehead of the largest criminal organization in Hellenic Republic, Tartarus.

Inari was next. According to wikipedia: Inari Ōkami (稲荷大神, also Oinari) is the Japanese kami (god) of foxes, of fertility, rice, tea and Sake, of agriculture and industry, of general prosperity and worldly success, and one of the principal kami of Shinto. So it only makes sense that Inari has the face of a fox. You can check out all the pictures of Foxbox Studio 1/6 scale God Complex: Inari 12-inch Collectible Figure HERE, HERE and HERE.

Last but not least, God Complex: Black Hermes Psychoprompus 12-inch figure. The group is certainly growing.

Another one-of-a-kind figure released years ago was the "Zero Metal Defence Capsule" or ZMDC Dingo Patrol produced and released by DaJoint. Check out the pictures HERE. The accompanying character / partner created by the same company, DaJoint was Urika Gagarin, a.k.a. moon girl - pictures HERE

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