Sunday, March 8, 2015

Preview ENTOYS 1/6th scale Blade Girl "Bolita" post-apocalyptic 12-inch female action figure

Remember what I said about 1/6 companies releasing post-apocalyptic 12-inch figures? See my previous post. Well, here's one more to share.

Short backstory / intro:
In A.D. 2075, the World War III broke out. The ignorant human used nuclear weapon and the earth was in a disaster. Resources on the earth were almost exhausted and the living creatures became extinct, including human beings. Human continue severe slaughter for resources. Among these plunderers, the organization named Blade Girl is the flagship.

ENTOYS Item#ET-001 1/6th scale Blade Girl "Bolita" 12-inch female action figure parts list: Female head sculpt, Female body, Corset with leather belt, Leather pants, Cape, Holster, Leather scabbard, Relaxed hands (pair), Gun hands (pair), Sword hands (pair), Leather Boots, Armband, Elbow pad, Gun, Sword, Sheath (1 pc)

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Unknown said...

This look like blade female ver. Why put balita sound like balitong lol. But I like the blade. Sometime just curious why dnt have FF character in 1/6

alex teo said...

Now that you've mentioned it, there really hasn't been any 1/6 scale FF character made :(

Unknown said...

I just wish to have ff vii advent children could in 1/6 will Be very nice