Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Devil Toys War of Order Vol 1 - The Secret Master 1/6th Limited Edition Collectible Figure

The New World War Has Already Begun...

WOO-War of (new) Order is a sci-fi story based on mysticism. In the year 2047, at a time when the world is at the brink of World War III, countries around the world are utilizing mercenary and high-tech companies to participate in this full scale advance warfare.

The Secret Master is just the first of many programmable robots (cyborg?) tasked to fight a war they didn't start but one that will probably be finished by them. It'll be a war where no quarter will be given and no questions will be asked. The victor will be the last bot standing...

Lots of these 12-inch robot figures popping up lately. It used to be ThreeA's domain but it has now fallen in the hands of many, all hoping to cash in on the 1/6 scale collectible market that is growing and growing. ThreeA recently announced their CHAPPiE 12-inch collectible robot figure (posted on my toy blog HERE) as well as the upcoming ThreeZero 1/6 scale 2014 RoboCop version 3.0 12.5-inch figure (pictures HERE) and now Devil Toys has joined in the fray.

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Anonymous said...

Hey @lex Gen X,Were can I order or pre order one? Thanks

alex teo said...

The Secret Master 1/6 Scale Limited Edition Figure will be open for pre- order on March 30, 2015 only at www.deviltoys.com.hk (HK time 12:00PM), USD 165 with international shipping. Paypal and Credit card payments accepted only. Estimated delivery: late May.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Thank @lex Gen X for the info and help. Really appreciate it. Also, love your blog its really helpful when it comes to learning about new figures that are coming out and their information which is why I always come to toyhaven, thank you for the all information you share regarding this hobby and art form.

By the way would you know anything about this company regarding their services? Like would you recommend buying from them? or any warnings first time customers should know about? because I plan to buy from them for the first time and I'm from the U.S. and I don't want problems the same way you warned us about Enterbay.

Thanks for your help and time.

alex teo said...

You are most welcome :)

Devil Toys seem to be a fairly new company and their credentials have not been tested yet. I have no prior knowledge of this company nor who owns it and whether it's safe to buy from them or not.

The problems with EnterBay only came about after they got popular and couldn't cope with the increased demand which resulted in shoddy products of piss-a$$ed quality. They started out okay at first too.

I'm afraid I might not be the best person to give any advice regarding this figure, seeing as I do not have a product in hand to comment and review.


Dcalonaci said...

I much preferred the toy fair prototype, it was better balanced - with sand color head with black visor, sand (not red) front molle area and more sandy pouches in the belt (which are now completely gone. It also sported red accents on the land mines - and one more yellow grenade

It looked way better balanced from a visual point of view. Nonetheless, I'm eagerly waiting to order this :)