Thursday, March 12, 2015

Play Toy 1/6th scale Racing Girl 12-inch Action Figure Set in Red / White / Blue - VaVaVroom!

Play Toy will be offering three different Racing Girl Figure Sets. The girls will comes dressed in either White, Blue or Red motorcycle racing outfits with matching helmets and will feature 1/6th scale Female Head Sculpts, 12-inch Female Body, Racing Suit, Racing Boot/Feet, Helmet and Gloved Hands. NOTE: The Motorcycle is not included (used primarily for display only to show off the female form on hard metal).

I wish there were pictures taken of the girls wearing the helmet. Then we can have an idea of the size of the helmet. Having them posing with the helmet doesn't tell us if the scale of the helmet is done in the right size. There have been mistakes made in the past regarding motorcycle helmets which were made too BIG and looked terrible when put on the head.

1/6th scale girls wearing motorcycle racing suits are not new. There have been quite a number of these biker babes released in the past. Most recently there was the Play Toy 1/6 scale Bride Killer version 2.0 Female Action Figure Collectible Set previewed HERE and sometime back there was the Triad Toys 1/6 scale Gunn 4 Hire: Catalina 12-inch female biker action figure which definitely needed the helmet to stay on LOL (check out my toy blog post HERE). Back in 2009, I had reviewed the ZC World 12-inch Rosanna Bike Girl which came with a 1/6 scale motorcycle all at a very affordable price. You can see the pictures of the bike HERE, Rosanna Biker Chick HERE and gal on bike HERE.

Scroll down to see all the pictures including the other racing suits, Blue and Red. Click on them for bigger and better views. A little bit of warning: There will be ample bosoms and cleavage, especially of the red hot kind ;p

Play Toy will also be selling just the Racing Girl Outfit Sets (White / Blue / Red) without the figure.

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