Thursday, March 26, 2015

Wolfking 1/6th scale Chemical Poisoning Partner 12" Figure Set (Breaking Bad's Jesse Pinkman)

Wolf King's soon-to-be-released 12-inch figure set "Chemical Poisoning Partner" is essentially Breaking Bad's Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), Walter White's (Bryan Cranston) former student who partners up with him to make high-level meth.

The set is quite spot on with the recreation of the character, and will come with 1/6th scale realistic head sculpt with a striking resemblance to actor Aaron Paul as well as t-shirt, gas mask, chemical suit, jacket, gloved hands, shoes with socks, lab apron, jeans, chemical drum, mixing bowl with hand mixer / crusher, and hand gun. Extra hands are included for added measure.

Wolfking 1/6th scale Chemical Poisoning Partner 12-inch Figure Set (Breaking Bad's Jesse Pinkman) specially features: 1/6th scale Head sculpt, 12-inch Action figure body,  Palms / hands x 4, Gas mask, Jacket, T-shirt, Jeans, Leather belt, pair of leather shoes, Chemical gloves, Chemical protective clothing, Chemical apron, Chemical barrel, Handgun, Mixing dish, Glass rod, packet of fine chemicals. NOTE: Box set comes with one action figure only (other figure for display only).

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