Saturday, July 11, 2015

Check out Gen-Ti-Nel 12'Hero's Meister 1/6th scale "Shinjiro Hayata" Ultraman 12-inch figure

There's going to be a new 12-inch Ultraman in town!

Shinjiro Hayata (早田 進次郎 Hayata Shinjirō) is the son of Shin Hayata, the protagonist of the Ultraman manga, who due to his father's merger with Ultraman, gained Ultra Genes he later passed on to his son. A somewhat lonely boy with a good heart, Shinjiro carries on his father's legacy as Ultraman. The manga is published in HERO magazine and is a seinen, meaning that the story is intended to be mature and dark.

"12'Hero's Meister" is a new brand bringing characters from  Monthly Comic Magazine HERO'S into figures in the standard size: 12 inches. With Sentinel's unique design and manufacture technique, the action figures' full craftsmanship will be presented.

The first character in this series will be the Ultraman of the dawning era: "Shinjiro Hayata", son of the first Ultraman "Shin Hayata", wearing the modern ultra-suit to be the next Ultraman. More poseable than other present 12-inch series and heftily presented by the die-cast material used; in addition the LED lighting gimmicks on each part make this action figure the last word on Ultraman.

Gen-Ti-Nel 12'Hero's Meister 1/6th scale "Shinjiro Hayata" Ultraman 12-inch figure comes with: Ultraman figure, 3 pairs of interchangeable hand parts, 2 effect parts, Test batteries. The articulation for this figure is supposed to be innovative and first-of-its-kind for 12-inch figures.

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