Monday, July 13, 2015

ACI Toys ACI27 1/6th scale Roman Republic Legionary (Legio XIII Gemina) Titus 12" figure

MORE Romans are coming!

Check out these preview pictures of ACI Toys ACI27 1/6th scale Roman Republic Legionary (Legio XIII Gemina) Titus 12-inch figure. Certainly looks promising with a great sculpt and expression.

ACI27 - Warriors - Legio XIII Gemina - Roman Republic Legionary - Titus comes with: Detailed sculpted head with screaming expression, ACI Toys Muscular Body Series "Andrew" (modified version) with Over 30 points of articulation; Increase height body with additional parts on lower legs, Painted scars over limbs, Prominent blood vessels and manifested pores, 3 pairs of interchangeable hands

Armors and clothing: Tunic, braccae (pants) and focale (scarf); Roman imperial gallic style helmet (metal); Cloak; Chain mail hauberk with decoration (plastic); Gauntlets; Balteus (waist belt); Sandals (marching boots). All clothing come with detailed worn effects

Weapons: Eagle signum (metal); Gladius (sword, with metal blade) with scabbard (with emboss sword tag); Pugio (dagger, with metal blade) with scabbard; Scutum (shield)

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1 comment:

Danny said...

Figure looks great, I believe it's based on the character Titus Pullo from the HBO series "Rome" (played by Ray Stevenson).
The centurion in the backround will be Lucius Vorenus played by Kevin McKidd. Very much looking forward to seeing that :)
Big fan of the sight.