Wednesday, July 1, 2015

DAM Toys 1/6th scale Royal Marine Commando 12-inch action figure with Bear Grylls head sculpt

The Corps of Royal Marines (RM) is the United Kingdom's amphibious light infantry force, forming part of the Naval Service, along with the Royal Navy. As a highly specialised and adaptable light infantry force, the Royal Marines are trained for rapid deployment worldwide and capable of dealing with a wide range of threats. The Royal Marines are organised into a light infantry brigade (3 Commando Brigade) and a number of separate units 1 Assault Group Royal Marines, 43 Commando Royal Marines formerly Fleet Protection Group Royal Marines (previously the Comacchio Group), and a company strength commitment to the Special Forces Support Group. The Corps operates in all environments and climates, though particular expertise and training is spent on amphibious warfare, arctic warfare, mountain warfare, expeditionary warfare, and its commitment to the UK's Rapid Reaction Force.

Throughout its history, the Royal Marines have seen action in a number of major wars often fighting beside the British Army – including the Seven Years' War, the Napoleonic Wars, the Crimean War, World War I and World War II. In recent times the Corps has been largely deployed in expeditionary warfare roles such as the Falklands War, the Gulf War, the Bosnian War, the Kosovo War, the Sierra Leone Civil War, the Iraq War and the War in Afghanistan.

DAM Toys #78023 1/6th scale Royal Marine Commando 12-inch action figure will come with: Bear Grylls head sculpt, dam 2.0 action body one (1) pair of palms for holding weapon, one (1) pair of palms for gloves, Royal Marines green beret, t-shirt, British Army sweater, MTP combat smock jacket with wired hood, Royal Marines commando patch, MTP combat trousers, Elite boots, outdoor gaiters.

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Also included: PLCE issue style webbing set comprising: PLCE DPM utility pouch, double utility pouch, triple utility pouch, water bottle pouch, webbing yoke, belt with quick release, British Army DPM patrol pack 30 litres, British Army MTP cold weather gloves, G-shock watch, Foretrex 401 GPS, hanging buckle, hydration tube, H4855 personal role radio with headset, radio pouch, L85A2 with RAS rail, tripod grip, LLM01 laser light module, L85 bayonet, bayonet sheath, DPM bayonet frog scabbard, L85 sling, sling adapter, MOE ladder rail cover x2, 30-Round Emag x3, 5.56mm 30-rd mag x3, CQC drop leg holster, CQC pistol mag pouch x2, P226 pistol, pistol mag x2, M72A7 rocket launcher


humanbeingill said...

Dam Toys is so consistent and so awesome, quality and price-wise.

Anonymous said...

Finally! A british figure by dam toys! Looks good! Hope there will be a few of them coming out. Sold!

HeDoN666 said...

Yup sold! Took delivery of two Russkies and the German KSK this week so the international troops are growing.

humanbeingill said...

First thought was G.I.Joe Falcon!