Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Review ACG Toys ATF-002 1/6 scale 'Young & Dangerous' Teddy Boy (Chan Ho Nam) 12" figure

The Young and Dangerous film series (Chinese: 古惑仔) is a collection of Hong Kong films about a group of triad young members, detailing their adventures, dangers and growth in a Hong Kong triad society. The series is based on a popular comic book series known as "Teddy Boy".

The series contributed a lot to the public image of triads and was condemned by certain quarters as glorifying secret triad societies. However, it was immensely popular in Hong Kong and spun 9 sequels and spin-offs. Its main actors and actresses have also became major stars in their own right.

This review of ACG Toys ATF-002 - Young & Dangerous - 1/6th scale Teddy Boy (Chan Ho Nam) 12-inch action figure is provided by Ted Menten, a great friend who occasionally contributes to this toy blog. Blogging has its privileges and I have been very blessed to have connected with lots of wonderful people through my toy blog, and I count Ted as a dear friend. He inspires me and his past is littered with fascinating stories. Ted just turned 83 so that shows that toy / figure collecting is not just for the young but also the young at heart :)

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The packaging begins with a white cardboard printed sleeve with black and white illustration of Teddy Boy. The next layer features a heavy weight, three-sides cover featuring a full color illustration of Teddy Boy. The back side becomes the diorama three-fold background.

The first layer features the basic dressed figure, seven sets of hands, a cell phone, baseball bat, long blade, small accessories, and second head. The second layer (not shown) contains the molded base, street sign, metal divider / fence, and fire hydrant.

ACG Toys ATF-002 - Young & Dangerous - 1/6th scale Teddy Boy (Chan Ho Nam) 12-inch action figure comes with: Teddy Boy comic style head sculpt x 2, 12-inch Action figure body with tattoo, 7 interchangeable comic style palms in various poses, Denim jacket, White tee, Jeans, Black bracelet, Belt, Sneakers, Mobile phone, Cigarette pack, Cigarettes (looks like Marlboro) x 4, Lighter (looks like BIC), Blade with newspaper sheath, Baseball bat, Hong Kong Causeway Bay background scene (includes Causeway Bay signpost and fire hydrant)

The images below show the figure in various poses. Holding cigarette, cell phone, and weapons.
Also an insert of his back with dragon tattoo. Everything is highly detailed and beautifully executed. Body is part rubber and part plastic. Similar to the Hot Toys bodies.

Two head sculpts are provided. The primary head, that comes on the figure, has side glancing eyes.

The second head (same sculpt) has forward looking eyes and white hair at the side temples.

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Kaido said...

This looks really cool, and I enjoyed many of the movies a couple of decades ago... ah HK cinema has no moral conscience, glorifying this type of lifestyle, lol. So, is the figure actually out yet? I tried searching on eBay and couldn't find one.

alex teo said...

This figure has already been released. Ted got it from KG Hobby - link: http://www.kghobby.com/acg-toys-teddy-boy-1-6-action-figure/