Saturday, June 11, 2016

Square Enix Play Arts Kai Final Fantasy XII Gabranth 11-inch tall action figure preview

Gabranth is a Judge Magister, one of the highest ranking members of the Archadian Empire’s military, acknowledged by his compatriots as someone whose extraordinary abilities have been well vetted.

With this in mind, our designers have put great thought into recreating his powerful presence and majestic stance. They have taken pains to recreate the characteristics of his armor, emphasizing its realistic finish. The ornate details etched into it exude an inexplicable power, accentuating Gabranth's eminence. Through the impressive sculpt work, one can almost feel its weight. The paintwork on the armor involves careful application of a stain which recreates the look of forged steel, and is finished with a satin sheen emphasizing its polish.

The click-ball jointing on the pauldrons, as well as the flexible materials used in the cape and body, are the result of great considerations made for poseability. Additionally, various interchangeable parts have been included to allow for a wide range of freedom in how the figure is displayed. This PLAY ARTS KAI is a masterpiece, exhibiting the level of quality our designers constantly strive to achieve.

Figure includes display stand and interchangeable hand parts. Estimated Figure Size (inches): W 7.7" x D 2.4" x H 11" tall

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Gabranth wears the armor of a Judge Magister, a full suit of plate mail with a horned helmet and a long black cape with the symbol of the Empire in red. Gabranth wields two swords in battle, the longer Chaos Blade and the shorter Highway Star, which can connect at the handles into a dual-bladed weapon.

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