Sunday, June 12, 2016

Toys City TC-6810 1/6th scale WWII German Grossdeutschland Division Motorcycle Driver Set

Motorcycles have been going to war as long as there have motorcycles around to go to war. American Harley-Davidson and Indian; British Triumph, BSA Matchless and Norton; Italian Moto Guzzi and Gilera; French Terot and Gnome Rhone; Belgian FN and Gillet. If you had a war to go to, motorcycles would get you there, oftentimes faster and through terrain inaccessible to other vehicles.

The German military was the largest employers of motorcycles during World War II 1939-45. In addition, as German forces swept across conquered lands, they acquired a wide array of British, French and Belgian machines, painted them Wehrmacht gray and sent them into battle. German military motorcyclists played an important role either in solo courier or scouting capacity, as teams of tank hunters or in divisions of rifle troops. (source: Bikes of the Blitzkrieg)

Toys City TC-6810 1/6th scale WWII German Grossdeutschland Division Motorcycle Driver Set will come with M35 Helmet, Field Cap, M43 Uniforms Of WH, Leather like boots, Armband of GD Division, Epaulettes of GD Division, Wound Badge, Infantry Assault Badge, WH Equipment Belt, Schutzmantel für Kraft Radfahrer, Goggles, Map Bag, M38 Gas Mask Canister, Kar 98k Rifle, Kar 98k Ammunition Pouch x 2, 20-Litre Jerry Can with WH Sign. 12-inch Figure and 1/6th scale Motorcycle NOT included.

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tom said...

Hi Alex,

a wonderful set, I must say - a great starting point for a dispatch rider or a feldgendarmerie "Kragen hund" :-)

btw how do you get the news from Toys City? I couldn't find their facebook or some, and their website has stopped posting any news since the Poland 1939 set I think...

Do you know when it is going to be on sale? What about the price?

thanks in advance and best regards from Poland!

alex teo said...

Hey Tom

Pre-order is up at Cotswold -

ETA Q3 2016

Cheers :)