Tuesday, June 7, 2016

VERY COOL 1/6th scale National Assault Series Sniper "Little sister" 12-inch female action figure

"Gun in hand, ready to fight!"

VERY COOL based on the successful launching of online game "fighting the Ares” 1/6th scale movable dolls, again has obtained the authorization of Tencent games to develop 1/6 of the movable doll series of the mobile games “the national assault". "The national assault" is the first FPS gun battle hand game of the Tencent's games.

The little sister with the lovely and lively personality, is good at using the sniper rifle to control the battlefield and give the most effective support to teammates.

She has playful pink hair, lovely yet capable, and a pair of watery eyes, two lovely willow eyebrows, with a pair of sunglasses, which shows a bit small strong sense of Laurie imitating female man, so the little sister will make you lose heart!

VERY COOL VC-TJ-02A (pink hair), VC-TJ-02B (brown hair) 1/6th scale National Assault Series Sniper "Little sister" 12-inch figure will come with: head sculpt with rooted hair, VERY COOL third generation female body (soft chest), Deep blue combat jacket, deep blue combat pants, Deep blue Beret, black boots, knee pads, elbow pads, Thong, Sunglasses, Cap, Watch, Army brand, Leather belt, Triple Pack, Double pack, Arm bag, Navel Diamond, AWM sniper rifle, AWM sniper rifle butt, AWM sniper rifle cartridge, AWM sniper gun sight, Gloved natural hands, Gloved shooting hands, Glock G17 pistol, Glock G17 magazine, Leg hanging type pistol sleeve, Doll support

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Kaltier said...

Its like an anime version of black widow..i do wish she has a fully covered top though.

Anonymous said...

^buy One