Thursday, December 29, 2016

CooModel 1/6th scale Date Masamune "One-eyed Dragon" Collectible Figure Deluxe Edition

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Date Masamune was a regional strongman of Japan's Azuchi–Momoyama period through early Edo period. Heir to a long line of powerful daimyōs in the Tōhoku region, he went on to found the modern-day city of Sendai. An outstanding tactician, he was made all the more iconic for his missing eye, and Date was often called dokuganryū (独眼竜), or the "one-eyed dragon". As a legendary warrior and leader, Masamune is a character in a number of Japanese period dramas. He was played by Ken Watanabe in the popular 1987 NHK series Dokuganryū Masamune. Masamune is known for a few things that made him stand out from other daimyōs of the time. In particular, his famous crescent-moon-bearing helmet won him a fearsome reputation.

COOMODEL NO.SE009 1/6th scale SERIES OF EMPIRES - JAPAN’S WARRING STATES - Date Masamune Collectible Figure Deluxe Edition specially features: realistic head sculpt of one-eyed Date Masamune, action body, Eight (8) Pieces of Interchangeable Palms. Costume / outfit: white jubbah (underwear), gray kosode (coat), black kakuobi (waist band), gray hakama (trousers), gray tabi (socks) with waraji (sandals), black kabuto (helmet) with half-moon shape, black menoshitabao (mask), suit of black gusoku (armor), black kote (vambraces), black haidate (cuishes), black suneate (jambeaus), blue seno (armor tie), dark blue jinbaori (war vest) with bird heraldry

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Weapons: blunderbuss, katana (long sword), black katana scabbard, wakizashi (short sword), black wakizashi scabbard

Accessory: round figure stand, armor stand, armor box, spear stand, katana stand, red war flag with six-coin heraldry, flag stand, display stage, backdrop

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It'll be sick to have all of these samurai figs. Hope price is okay. Looks great!