Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Phicen Limited 1/6th scale No Tomorrow Action Figure - Keres, the Goddess of the Death!

Death is a natural part of life, but what happens when it goes rogue?

In the not so far off future, the battle between the forces of good and evil for control of the nexus has finally come to an end... but this uneasy peace is not meant to last. A new horror is born into the Grimm Universe more terrifying than any before. A horror whose name is spoken in hushed and fearful whispers. A horror more beautiful than the breath we breathe but as deadly as our last and final gasp: Keres, the Goddess of the Death!

From fan-favorite writer Raven Gregory (Wonderland trilogy / Fly / Dream Eater saga) comes THE WORLD'S MOST TERRIFYING COMIC BOOK! In a world where Death has gone mad, there may be... NO TOMORROW!

And now the comic book character has been realised in 3D form in the shape of Phicen Limited 1/6th scale No Tomorrow Action Figure. The Officially licensed and Authorized Phicen Limited PL2016-81 1/6th scale No Tomorrow Action Figure features: head sculpt, Phicen female seamless body with stainless steel armature, 3 pairs x interchangeable hands, sceptre, robes, choker with a pendant, boots, cuffs with chains, belt with skull decorations, base, 4-color packaging box.

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John said...

I can't believe how real these action figures look. It took me a few times to realize it wasn't a real person.