Friday, December 9, 2016

Hot Toys "Iron Man 3" 1/6th scale Sneaky Mark XV (Retro Armor Version) 31cm tall Iron Man suit

With its built-in cloaking system, the Mark XV "Sneaky" armor is among the most unique armors in Tony Stark's "House Party Protocol" in Iron Man 3. Today Hot Toys offers a special inspired take on the armor, livening up the original's cool dark gray color scheme to give it the Iron Man classic red-and-gold finish which first appeared in the Iron Man 3 concept art of this armor.

The Retro Armor Version of the 1/6th scale Mark XV collectible figure has the same sleek form factor as the movie version, but is given the iconic red-and-gold Iron Man coloration with newly painted and electroplated parts to mimic the original concept art design. This figure features a meticulously crafted armor equipped with LED light-up functions on eyes, arc reactor and repulsors, the unique asymmetrical forearm design, plus a specially designed dynamic figure stand and gold colored name plate.

This armor earned its name “Sneaky” for its cloaking system that can allow it to enter stealth mode and camouflage itself within its surrounding. You can check out the original suit's design and colors posted on my toy blog HERE.

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humanbeingill said...

If they go back and make everything Red and Gold, we're screwed.

Kaltier said...

Hehehehe. I do agree. The non red gold armours that were available.. When painted in the classic red gold makes it more appealing, love the helmet and its extra shine.damn you ht.