Sunday, December 4, 2016

ACI Toys X Suwahara Hiroyuki presents DAIMYO Series 1/6th scale Oda Nobunaga Samurai figure

With great honor, ACI Toys International has been authorized by Mr. Suwahara Hiroyuki, legendary Japanese illustrator of renown KOEI's games Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors, to produce a series of 1/6 scale collectible action figures from the Sengoku Period. Kicking off the series, we are pleased to bring you the mighty conqueror, warlord and general ~ Oda Nobunaga.

To bring Mr. Hiroyuki's illustration to life while staying truthful to history as much as possible, the ACI Team has invested a great deal in the research and development of the series, from armor design to weaponry, from head-sculpt to tailoring, no details has been left unchecked, for instance, Oda's sword is actually based on the "Heshikirihasebe", which is currently on display at the Fukuoka City Museum in Japan.

ACI Toys ACI-31 / ACI-31SP Suwahara Hiroyuki presents DAIMYO Series 1/6th scale Oda Nobunaga 12-inch Samurai action figure features: Authentic sculpted head based on the illustration of Suwahara Hiroyuki, ACI TOYS Body "EDWARD" with 30 points of articulations, 7 interchangeable armored hands. COSTUME: KOSODE (robe), HAKAMA (trousers), pair of KYAHAN (legging)

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ARMORS:Full set of samurai armour based on the Suwahara Hiroyuki's illustration including: Nanban Do (cuirass) with 7 KUSAZURI (tassets), SODE (shoulder guards), KOTE (sleeve armors), HAIDATE (thigh guard), SUNEATE (shin armors), Sabaton (feet armors)

WEAPONS: KATANA (die-cast metal blade with plastic handle), WAKIZASHI (side inserted sword)

OTHERS: OBI (Belt for holding swords), Black cloak

For hardcore Samurai fans and gamers, the DELUXE version comes with 3 special bonus parts that symbolized Oda's heroic legacy : Matchlock gun - as the leader of tanegashima infantry team, Haori (Samurai surcoat) - the noble image as a daimyō who ruled most of the Japan from their vast, hereditary land holdings, "Tenka Fubu" Battle flag with stand - meaning ""to rule all under heaven by force of arms/military might", the iconic war banner of Oda Nobunaga.

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