Thursday, September 27, 2012

Proof that Hot Toys Iron Monger is NOT 1/6th scale no matter what they try to say otherwise

Now that Hot Toys is finally going to release their Iron Monger limited edition collectible figure (slated for October 2012 it seems) from the Iron Man film - see previous post, there's something that everyone should know sooner rather than later - i.e. The Hot Toys Iron Monger is NOT 1/6th scale. Hot Toys repeatedly mentioning so doesn't make it so. At best, the Hot Toys Iron Monger is 1/7th scale. Why do I say so? Check out the pictures below and see for yourself :)

Here's a screen grab of Jeff Bridges as Obadiah Stane admiring the Iron Monger from outside before he climbs into the armor suit and causes lots of chaos and mayhem. Note the size / height of the Iron Monger armor suit next to Obadiah Stane (Jeff Bridges).

And this is how Hot Toys' Iron Monger limited edition collectible figure looks with the 1/6th scale Obadiah Stane (Jeff Bridges) head sculpt. From this picture alone, you begin to wonder if there's a full 1/6 scale 12-inch figure body under that armor suit. The way Hot Toys stuck the head in like that just isn't realistic at all. It looks very fake to me how the head just sticks out as it doesn't look like a man in control of the Iron Monger armor suit but more like a man trapped in a man-hole and can't get out.

Here's a look at how Hot Toys should have done it. This Iron Monger is not 1/6th scale but at least they got the proportions right. The Obadiah Stane figure looks to be strapped in and in full control of the Iron Monger armor suit instead of being trapped in it.

And here are some scans from the book "Iron Man: The Art of Iron Man, the Movie" which offers the reader an exclusive, insider's look into the blockbuster Iron Man movie. See how the man inside the machine is supposed to look i.e. Obadiah Stane (Jeff Bridges) inside the Iron Monger armor suit

click on the picture for a bigger and better view :)

The arms are supposed to go into the arms of the armor suit so that when the operator moves his arm, the robot arm moves as well in sync. Hot Toys Obadiah Stane is positioned way too low inside the Iron Monger armor suit, thus not allowing his arms to fit into the robot's arms at all :( Obadiah's head should be where the Iron Monger's head is as he sees through the robot's eyes. Hot Toys definitely got it wrong for this product.

click on the picture for a bigger and better view :)

Hot Toys may have produced the most detailed and best looking Iron Monger collectible figure but it is just a 1/7th scale Iron Monger. Sticking the 1/6th scale head of Obadiah Stane (Jeff Bridges) into the armor doesn't make it 1/6th! That's just not right.


Kenny said...

Great observation there. HT dropped the ball on this one.

alex teo said...

Most definitely ;p

Unknown said...

Well observed Alex. So...but shouldnt we just be happy to get at least a Iron Monger made? No other company could pulled this off. There's no way to pass this one least if you're an Iron Man franchise fan. I'm curious about the first in-hand pics for sure!

alex teo said...

Hey Andre, I have no doubt that the Hot Toys Iron Monger is the BEST one out there by far :) I think we just have to NOT open the chest portion to display the figure because that spoils it (at least for me as it magnifies the error HT has made with this particular piece) CHEERS

humanbeingill said...

Is the figure off by a stitch? Maybe
Am I going to keep that damn chest compartment closed? Absolutely
Well this be a great display piece? You bet

NOTHING beats a giant toy robot!!

Unknown said...

I am wondering whether the iron man can be made in a much bigger size than the 1/6 or 1/7 scale! Haha!

General Sam said...

NOOO!! i refuse to believe this! Will just have to display him with the chest closed, after all the Utoys man in suit will come in handy..

humanbeingill said...

Hmmmm, I'm wondering if its not so much the scale of the Monger, but the orientation of Stain in the suit (too low) that's throwing it off. Not that we need to ask but PLEASE do a through write-up and review(s) on this, it's officially thee most expensive 1/6th scale figure I'd be getting thus far (a couple have come close) so I'm even more intrigued then the AVATAR figure on the scale rendering. Also while I have your attention, what HOT TOY reviews Do you have coming up?

jason from cali said...

Hey bro could you please do a comparison of mark1 and mark 1 2.0.

alex teo said...

hi jason, sorry to disappoint you but I didn't get the mark 1 2.0.

akomei said...

Wow, really nice observation here.

Was almost thinking of getting it an realized there was something off about it too!

I'm not even sure the helmet closes properly over Obadiah's head, does it?

I guess you decided to pass on this one?

Hopefully they'll release a 2.0 version later on with correct proportion/scale.

alex teo said...

Hi akomei
It's a nice Iron Monger, just not 1:6 scale. If you see pictures posted by people who bought it, it looks like there's only HALF of Obadiah inside the machine. There's no way that a 1:6 figure can fit inside that thing and plonking half of Obadiah into the Iron Monger only makes it that much more obvious and glaringly wrong.

Anonymous said...

The figure is made lower because of the led lights for the eye, if figure is higher, the head has to be removed everytime the mask is closed, if not has to do away with the lights, so u decide sacrifice which one?

alex teo said...

Like I said, bad design on Hot Toys part. The Iron Monger looks GREAT without the half-bodied Obadiah stuck inside like a man trapped with his lower torso ripped off. With the figure exposed, he looks like the android in ALIENS that got ripped in two by the Queen Alien near the end of the movie, with only half a body.