Tuesday, July 10, 2018

ACE 1/6th scale Operation “Nevada Eagle” 1968-1969 101st Airborne Division Sergeant Popeye

Operation NEVADA EAGLE (17 May 1968 to 28 Feb 69) was the largest single campaign ever fought by the 101st Airborne Division. This operation was designed to clear and secure the lowlands of Thua Thien province in Northern I Corps and to deny all NVA and VC forces operating in the area the ability to capture the ripening rice crop growing in the rich coastal plain north and south of Hue.

ACE 1/6th scale Operation “Nevada Eagle” 1968-1969 101st Airborne Division Sergeant Popeye 12-inch figure features: Head sculpt, Man Mk I body, Painted bare hands, M1 helmet, Mitchell pattern helmet cover, OG 107 jacket (2nd pattern), OG 107 pants (2nd pattern), M68 flak jacket, Patches (101st Airborne Division, name tab & US Army tab), OD green tee, Trouser belt, Olive green towel, US spike protective jungle boots 3rd pattern DMS spike sole, M1956 suspenders, M1967 individual equipment belt, M1956 compass pouches x 2, M1956 20 rd ammo pouches x 2, Pistol magazines pouch, Jungle first aid pouch, 1 quart canteens x 2, M1956 1 quart canteen covers x 2, M17 gas mask bag, MX-991/U flashlight, M3 Bandolier, M16 A1 rifle w/ three prong flash hider, 20rd magazines x 15 + 1pcs, Rifle sling, M1911A1 pistol, Western style gun holster, M18 smoke grenade red, M18 smoke grenade violet, M67 grenades x 2, USGI carabineer, GI watch, Dog tags, Insect repellent, Toilet paper, Toothbrush

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WOW, I can't wait for this one. great job posting military themed figures.