Sunday, September 7, 2008

US Navy DevGru CQC Operator

And now a more modern warrior, a US Navy DEVGRU Close Quarter Combat (CQC) Operator by ACE. The US Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU) is a premier Navy SEAL unit and the USN's primary Counter-Terrorism and covert operations unit. The US Navy SEALs were originally a naval diving unit but since the Vietnam War, have evolved into one of the world's top elite force. They no longer need to be close to the water. Like Richard Marcinko said, "All the water they need is the water in their canteen."

Comes with Desert Tiger Stripes BDU (Tiger Stripes were first introduced by the SEALs in Nam), Warload Chest Rig (something the SEALs learnt from the VC), Duty Belt with Dump Pouch, M9 pistol in drop-down Mk V Holster and Triple Magazine Pouch.

Switched bodies for a Wentworth Miller (he of "Prison Break" fame) headsculpt. The original headsculpt resembled Sylvester Stallone.

His Warload Chest Rig - amazing detail with opening pouches - a norm these days.

His helmet with helmet light, Tiger Stripes boonie hat, shades and his M4 with CASV rail system, ACOG scope and CQC bungee sling

Fully loaded and ready to roll!

Dump pouch for empty magazines (you gotta put them somewhere) and radio pouch for his Saber radio

His backpack which also houses his water bladder (included) for hydration and he's wearing the Stinger T headset connected to his radio

Switched his black boots (why ACE shipped him off with black boots is anybody's guess) with desert ones and also removed his BLACK kneepads. His black triple magazine pouch holds two extra clips


alchemist86 said...

CASV is a VLTOR products not Magpul

alex teo said...

Thanks for clearing that up, alchemist :)

Unknown said...

Nice one. Did you also change his body, or just the headscuplt? I don´t know if you can use HOT TOYS heads with ACE MK1 body.

alex teo said...

my apologies jose, what i meant was i switched bodies and used the original body and head sculpt for a First Blood John Rambo bash. CHEERS :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Alex. I am kind of new at this, and I don´t know what body parts are compatible: for example, with HOT TOYS heads (the best IMHO), which bodies can I use? And also, I have a TOY SOLDIER figure (T1 body), but I don´t like the headsculpt, is there any way I can use a HOT TOYS head? Where can I find out about this?
Thank you again.-

alex teo said...

hey Jose, check out this forum

It's one of the best resource for all kinds of questions pertaining to 1/6 bodies and parts and everything else. I make it a point to visit it daily for updates.

If you have any questions, they'll have the answers :)

Unknown said...

Thank you very much for your time, Alex. I´ll check that.

alex teo said...

U R most welcome Jose. Hope you find the answers you're looking for :0

Unknown said...

Yes, of course. And there´s algo a guy trying to do a compatibility chart...GREAT IDEA.
This is the link to the thread:
I am very I received a ktbashed figure that I bought in eBay. It´s the first time I buy one already kitbashed, and I have to say I am very pleased. If you want I can send you a pic.
Take care!!

alex teo said...

hey Jose, that'll be great. always keen to see pictures of others' collection :)

Unknown said...

OK. How can I send you pics?

alex teo said...

oops - forgot to give you my email address which is

Unknown said...

OK. Thanks.- Mine is
We´ll be in contact.
Take care.-

Anonymous said...

"why ACE shipped him off with black boots is anybody's guess"

I thought this might interest you.
- cheers

alex teo said...

thanks for the link and picture :)