Friday, April 24, 2015

Soldier Story 1/6 scale UK SCO19 - SFO (Specialist Firearms Officer) 12-inch action figure

Specialist Crime and Operations Specialist Firearms Command (SCO19) (previously known as SO19 and then CO19) is a Specialist Crime & Operations branch within Greater London's Metropolitan Police Service. The Command is responsible for providing a firearms-response capability, assisting the rest of the service, which is normally unarmed.

The CO19 Specialist Firearms Officers (SFOs) are multi-skilled officers capable of delivering all elements of armed policing, including rapid intervention and hostage rescue. 65 days of intensive initial training includes advanced weapons handling training on a wider range of weaponry, including the Heckler & Koch G36 and G3, abseiling techniques, maritime operations training, dynamic entry techniques and in the use of distraction devices. They also undergo training to conduct operations in CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) environments and to provide a response to terrorist attacks in London as part of the MPS's Operation Kratos.

Soldier story will be releasing this 1/6th scale  UK SCO19 - SFO  (Specialist Firearms Officer) 12-inch action figure as part of their hobby / toy fair exclusive. The figure will come with the following: Lightweight Ballistic Helmet, Ballistic Goggles, New Eagle Headset System, MOTO Radio, Metal made Hinged Double Lock Handcuffs, Metal made Handcuffs Key, Defense Sprays, Carabiner x 2, Flashbang Grenade x 5, M870 Shotgun, Shotgun shell x 18, G36C Assault Rifle, G36 Mag x 2+1, M952 Gun light, Grip, TA31ECOS 4X32 Scopes, M2 Red Dot Sight, G17 Pistol, Pistol Mag x 2+1, GTL 22 Tactical Light /w Laser and Dimmer, Active Shooter Hallagan Tool, Super BoltMaster, S2.5 12-inch Body, Bare Hands (1 Pair), Bare Feet (1 Pair), Fire Retardant Balaclava, Police Coverall, Tee, Underpants, Duty Belt, ISPL Police Vest System, Police AFO Body Armor, Medical Drop Pouch, SLS Tactical Holster-6004, Drop Panel, Pistol Leach, Gun Sling, Police Gloves, GSG9 II Assault Boots, Patches

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thurrockdave said...

So this is an expo only figure? What a shame!

alex teo said...

YUp. They should have made this a regular release.

thurrockdave said...

I agree .... I would have probably had at least two of these myself if they were on general sale. There is a real shortage of British Police and modern Military releases - to see a good one like this go 'exclusive' is heartbreaking.

I never understand why they go to such effort creating these masterpieces, only to limit the profit potential by making them exclusive.

Kaido said...

It is a clever marketing strategy to drive up the demand. If it was a regular release, maybe less people would be interested in buying it as it would be perceived as 'less desirable,' or the resale is not as high or something. By making it exclusive, and you can only buy it under certain conditions, it drives up the interest.