Monday, May 11, 2009

Hot Toys Marcus Wright Preview

There had been teaser pictures until now. Hot Toys has finally unveiled their MMS 100 (Movie Masterpiece Series 100th action figure) and it's a 1/6th scale Marcus Wright collectible figure from "Terminator Salvation". Marcus Wright is the second "human-kind" MMS figure from the upcoming sci-fi movie.

Some background info: Marcus Wright is a mysterious Terminator who was based on a human who was on death row at Longview State Correctional Facility for killing a cop. Hours before his execution, Marcus was approached by Serena Kogen, a cancer-stricken scientist working for Cyberdyne Systems, who got him to agree to signing his body over for medical research in exchange for a final kiss. After his death and conversion into a cyborg, Marcus was buried in the earth to lay dormant until his activation by Skynet. Marcus awakens in the remains of the Skynet VLA and is saved by a young Kyle Reese.

This collectible figure stands approximately 30 cm tall, featuring Hot Toys True-type figure body with over 36 points of articulation. The figure comes dressed in his movie accurate trench coat, t-shirt, pants, leather-like leggings and boots PLUS an additional interchangeable leather-like jacket. Accessories include harness, knife, shotgun and 3 sets of interchangeable hands, as well as an Interchangeable Marcus head featuring skeletal face.

Marcus Wright is played by Sam Worthington and Hot Toys head has the authentic Sam Worthington likeness - the head sculpts are getting better and better!

Sam Worthington/Marcus Wright's battle-damaged head - that's NICE

Amazing details from Hot Toys, as always

Marcus Wright with his trench coat - notice the arm band with rank on the left sleeve

A nice picture showcasing both jacket and trench coat but we only get one figure. Gotta stock up on Hot Toys True Type body if you want to pose them side by side. Black pants aren't too uncommon, especially when some enterprising people start selling Marcus Wright loose parts.

Marcus Wright wearing his black leather jacket with rank on left sleeve and interesting yellow stripes at the cuffs

Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Series MMS 100 Marcus Wright from Terminator Salvation also comes with an articulated battle damaged left arm. Now that's taking 1/6 standards up a notch!

Release date: JULY - AUG, 2009. Until then, we'll just drool ;p


Dash MacBastard said...

Why is it that Terminator's faces only get ripped off on one side? It's never the whole thing...
It's also never either the top of the head, or below the nose line...
Oh well. Just an observation.
The figure looks great (wouldn't expect anything less from Hot Toys at this point).

alex teo said...

i guess it makes the face more interesting when we can see the partial likeness. Hot Toys did release a T-800 terminator much earlier (together with Kyle Reese) with a badly disfigured face because they couldn't get the license for arnold's likeness.

desmond said...

This one looks great, will you getting it bro??

alex teo said...

Cannot resist leh, desmond. Must get Marcus Wright to join the resistance against Skynet XD

Covenant said...

These Hot Toys figures make me want to throw away all my old GI Joes and Dragon figs. This new stuff blows the old toys away! I remember visiting their shop in Hong Kong almost 15 years ago before they started making their own figures.

Please Hot Toys make a Raiders-Era Indiana Jones for us since Sideshow and Medicom cannot keep up with you!

alex teo said...

Hot Toys is definitely the leader in 1/6 realism but too bad licensing issues prevent them from producing Indiana Jones figures :(