Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hot Toys Bio Hazard 5 Albert Wesker Preview

Coming soon to a store near you: Hot Toys VGM08 (Video Game Masterpiece Series) Bio Hazard 5 1/6 scale 12-inch Albert Wesker collectible action figure (Midnight version) with Hot Toys 1/6th scale TrueType body with over 36 points of articulation, signature black outfit in Bio Hazard 5 game consisting of trench coat, zip-up top, pants, boots, and Battery-operated illuminated red eyes (button cell batteries included). Weapons include: Knife, Samurai Edge Handgun, H&K MP5 SMG, Hydra Shotgun, Magnum L Hawk, Magnum S&W M500 and Laser Targeting Device Shango. Accessories include: Shoulder Holster, Smart Phone, Sunglasses, Watch, Two Sets of Interchangeable Hands and 12-inch figure stand with the Bio Hazard 5 logo and Albert Wesker nameplate. Release date: Third Quarter 2009.

That's a lot of weapons

This is the third figure from Hot Toys Biohazard 5 series. The two other figures are Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar (pictures in my earlier post here)


desmond said...

This is a masterpiece of the video game. A lot of weapons and he looks super cool :P

alex teo said...

with albert wesker, chris redfield and sheva alomar in Hot Toys Biohazard 5 line-up, the series is looking very NICE :)

xXx said...

i'm started to collect ht resident evil
still missing leon, chris bsaa
to bad their price is too high...
hope ht re-release again