Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What's up, Doc?

First DiD announced that they will be releasing a 101st Airborne Combat Medic. He's outfitted in the M42 Airborne fatigues common to paratroops jumping during D-Day Operations and he comes with the full medical kit including the two medic pouches with harness, musette bag converted to medic use with red cross on front flap, litter/harness, M1 metal helmet with red cross on all four sides, and a complete medical loadout which includes hemostats, gauze, scalpels, field dressings and tags. He's armed with a Thompson and .45 pistol with holster. The head sculpt bears some resemblance to the medic Eugene Roe (played by Shane Taylor) from "Band of Brothers". DiD had also released "Ross" (Ron Livingston as Capt Lewis Nixon from "Band of Brothers" - pictures here) earlier. Time to gather the troops for a "Band of Brothers" reunion.

Then Soldier Story announced that they will also be releasing a WWII US Airborne Medic. Soldier Story's medic is from the 82nd Airborne except his Medic helmet is camouflaged with netting and cloth strips and not a simple steel pot with crosses on it. Best of all, his litter/stretcher is the version that fully breaks down (aluminum folding style), not the simpler collapsible model (although both are correct for this time period). A Mae West Life Vest and black rubberized gas mask bag is included with the jump gear. The head sculpt is meant to resemble Giovanni Ribisi as Medic Irwin Wade from "Saving Private Ryan".

Set includes: Head with Body S2, Foldable stretcher, M2 AB helmet with netting, First aid packet, First aid pouch, M42 Paratrooper Uniform, Extra hands, Gloves, T5 parachute, Chest pack (reserve chute), M1911 .45 pistol with holster and magazine pouch, Pistol belt, Canteen, Corcoran Jump Boots, Assualt gas mask bag, Back pack, Medical bag with suspender, First aid kit, Armband with red cross, Life vest, Camo scarf, Paratrooper shovel, Paratrooper rope.

Stand up, hook up, shuffle to the door...

Jump right out at the count of four!

This picture says a thousand words

Already have Tom Hanks as US Army 2nd Ranger Battalion Capt John H Miller (pictures here), two head sculpts of Barry Pepper (pictures here and here) who acted as Private Daniel Jackson in "Saving Private Ryan (1998)" and Matt Damon as Private Ryan (planning to kitbash him next). Decisions, decisions, decisions.


The Rebel said...

WAHH! Thnks fr the excellent review dude! I'm gonna get em both! I'm a nut for the BoB TV series.....PLUS my "Ross" figure is kinda lonely without any of his airborne comrades!

WHen r these expected to hit our shores (M'sia/S'pore)?

alex teo said...

hey rebel, thanks :) DID 101st Airborne Combat Medic - ETA Late June '09. Soldier Story 82nd airborne combat medic - ETA Late May '09.