Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Toys City WWII US 101st Airborne Division Uniform and Accessory Set

Toys City just released this World War II 1/6 scale US 101st Airborne Division uniform and accessories set which I got for kitbashing Matt Damon as Private Ryan from the movie "Saving Private Ryan". Items include the M1C helmet (metal), M1942 parachutist jacket with waist belt and trousers, 101st Airborne Division Patch, rank strip and sleeve flag, Corcoran jump boots, M1 ammunition bandolier, M1923 small arms ammunition pouches/cartridge belt, M1936 suspenders, M1910 Canteen with cover, M1 bayonet, M43 Entrenching tool with cover, M1942 First Aid pouch, Ammo Bag, Mk II A1 Fragmentation grenades x 2, M1 Garand rifle. The tailoring and worksmanship is quite good, better than Dragon's; boots are equally impressive.

Very nice and detailed sewn patches. You can also make out the uniform details and materials used which are the thick kind - very authentic

The actual Corcoran jump boots were highly prized and valued by their owners. They were considered a step above the standard Army issue (also known as General Issue, where the term "GI Joe" was derived) boots. The jump boots were the paratrooer's pride and joy. Half Soles were standard Corcoran construction.

The rest of the paratrooper's gear

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this costume is the most realistic costume ive seeen ever