Friday, December 18, 2009

1/6 ACU Comparisons

I received a very encouraging email today from someone in the USA who'll be shipping out to Afghanistan soon:
"WOW... simply amazing!!!! Your collection of Iraq and Afghanistan 1/6 scale figures blew my mind... as a Iraq vet and on my way to Afghanistan I gotta say thanks for your support of the boys and the attention to detail. Even though you are collecting figures of us it means something to me that people care enough about us to spend as much as you have to remember us. I'm guessing its many thousands of $ collection! Plus I can see you research the war and care what happens... endless hours spent on that I'd guess. I think I'll look into getting some of them for my younger cousins and sisters to remember me and the boys while I'm overseas. I had no clue they had figures like the ones I saw on your blog. If you have links to the best sites for purchasing these figures (Iraq and Afghanistan) could you please send them to me!! Congratulation on the beautiful collection. Hoaoh!!!"

And here's a look at some of the 1/6 ACUs in the market, worn by the brave fighting men and women of the United States Army waging war for liberty and freedom in Afghanistan and Iraq, along with the allied nations, in a bid to eradicate terrorism from the world. I want to wish them all the very best and pray that they return home safely to their loved ones!!

DiD 1/6 ACU (Army Combat Uniform) (see earlier post) and BBI 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry) trooper "Lucas" - more pictures HERE

DiD 1/6 ACU with Expertoys Ranger Recon in ACU (full review HERE)

DiD 1/6 ACU with Hot Toys US Army 75th Ranger Regiment with SCAR-L (posted HERE)

For purchase of 1/6 figures, here's a link: The Falcon's Hangar. Just so you know, the prices listed are in Singapore dollars and not US so some conversion is required but they have tons of stuff available :> Just let Roy know I sent you.


kibitzer said...

Is there an ACU paratrooper released already? If not, can you kitbash one basing on the documentary Restrepo. I think the closest one in terms of equipment and uniform is the 1st ID by Wildworks...

(p.s. It's your choice whether to use the entire uniform or not, half of the documentary depicts them wearing only their regulation shirts and sometimes no shirt at all underneath the armor. link: )

good luck!

alex teo said...

just watched Restrepo on National Geographic - great documentary. it's as real as it gets