Sunday, December 27, 2009

TTL Toys City CIA Quick Reaction Force PREVIEW

Yet another CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) operative and this one's from the Quick Reaction Force. Dressed in all black for covert ops (black ops). Last year we saw quite a bit of 1/6 scale PMCs from various 1:6 manufacturers and this year, we've seen quite a few CIA operatives being offered by Soldier Story, Very Hot Toys, ACE and now TTL.

This one by TTL comes with quite a bit of stuff, good for bashing or used as is.

Set includes: MICH2000 Helmet with NVG Mount, TTL 1.0 Nude Body with Head Sculpt, ArcTeryx Jacket, SWAT Waist Bag, 511 Low Caliga Body Armor (Black), Balaclava (Black), Goggles, Sunglasses, Knee Pads (Black), Elbow Pads (Black), Radio with Radio Pouch (Black), Shotgun Shells Pouch (holds 5), Shotgun Shells, "O' Gloves (Black), MP7 Drop Leg Holster, Hydration Bag Cover (Black), Hydration Bag and Tube, Multipurpose Pouch, Black Tactical Pants, Leather-Made Lace Up Tactical Boots (Black), Flashlight, TAC-M-7 MOLLE model-A x1(TAC_M7 Vest), TAC-M-7 MOLLE MAGAZINE POUCH x3, TAC-M-7 MOLLE Triple PISTOL MAGAZINE POUCHES x1, Large General Purpose Pouch x1, M4 Double Magazine Pouch x1, MP7 Sub-Machine Gun, HK417 Rifle, MP7 Suppressor x1, HK417 Magazine x3, MP7 40 rounds magazine x3, MP7 20 rounds magazine x1, Multi Tools with pouch, Knife, Smoke Grenade x2, Pistol + Pistol Mag x1

The 1/6 head sculpt is supposed to look like Zachary Quinto who plays Sylar in the "Heroes" TV series and Spock in the recent "Star Trek" movie but it somehow has an anime/manga-like feel to it, like what Medicom does with their head sculpts.

Comes with drop-down holster for the Heckler & Koch MP7.

The MP7 essentially operates like a scaled-down assault rifle, with the same action as HK's G36. It fires a specially designed, armor-piercing round with a muzzle velocity nearly as high as that of the 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge used by many modern rifles.

Highly sought after scoped HK417 Assault Rifle

ETA March 2010. Place your pre-order HERE (while stocks last)

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desmond said...

Wow!! another CIA figures to be released in the market..