Monday, December 7, 2009

Soldier Story WWII USMC Flamethrower PREVIEW

On this day, December 7 in 1941, the Japanese military carried out their attack on the United States' naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, later resulting in the United States becoming militarily involved in World War II. It was intended as a preventive action to keep the U.S. Pacific Fleet from influencing the war the Empire of Japan was planning to wage in Southeast Asia against Britain, the Netherlands, and the United States. The attack consisted of two aerial attack waves totaling 353 aircraft, launched from six Japanese aircraft carriers. The lack of any formal declaration prior to the attack led President Franklin D. Roosevelt to proclaim "December 7th, 1941 — a date which will live in infamy". [ source: wiki ]

And America fights back! Soldier Story will be releasing this 1/6 scale 12-inch World War II USMC Flamethrower from Iwo Jima, 1945. Perhaps Soldier Story is anticipating the demand once "The Pacific" miniseries from HBO comes out in 2010. Whereas "Band of Brothers" - a 2001 ten-part miniseries - focused on the Army's involvement in the European Theater of Operations, the new series will be about the Marine Corps's actions in the Pacific Theater of Operations during World War II.

The head sculpt seems to have a resemblance to actor Nicolas Cage who played Joe Enders in "Windtalkers (2002)", with a little bit of Bruce Willis in there as well.

Seems nice but pretty bare overall i.e. not much gear to shout or write home about. Comes with the usual trimmings - Helmet with Cover, White T-Shirt, HBT Shirt and Pants, M-41 jacket (too long?), Cloth Web Belt with first-aid pouch, Ka-Bar knife and sheath, Water Canteen with the late-war x-flap pouch, M1911 .45 pistol in brown leather holster, double pistol magazine pouch, Hand Grenades (2), Camo Shelter Quarter/Poncho, leggings, boots and flamethrower (metal).

In one of the forums, somebody mentioned that this figure is likely based on Charles Lindberg, who was present at the raising of the flag on Mount Suribachi, and one of the few of that group to survive. A memorial statue based on him has a similar pose as the picture below but with helmet on.

Beach pattern camouflage cloth cover for his helmet and poncho. The poncho ideally should have the green side on the reverse.

Trousers pulled over the leggings was a trademark US Marine attire, not tucked in like the US Army. Easy correction I suppose.

All metal flame thrower is a nice touch. Pictures show the raw item and how it looks once painted.

Also comes with a HUGE 48-Star US Flag with Pole for planting atop Mount Suribachi

I'd also posted pictures of the Dragon 1/6 scale 12-inch trio of Nicholas Cage as SGT Joe Enders, Adam Beach as PVT Ben Yahzee and Christian Slater as SGT Pete Ox Anderson from "Windtalkers (2002)" in a much earlier post HERE as well as a post to mark the flag raising on Iwo Jima on February 23 HERE

I'd blogged about Pearl Harbor HERE with pictures of the BBI released Elite Force 1/6 scale 12" World War II Japanese Zero Pilot "LT Sakae" as well as pictures of the Dragon released US Army Air Force P-40 Pilot “Lt George Taylor” figure HERE.


desmond said...

I remember Dragon did the flame thrower German Soldiers before. Correct me if I were wrong, bro :)

alex teo said...

U R right desmond - Dragon released a German flamethrower "Willi Heer" Flammenwerger and also a USMC flamethrower "Sonny" which i have still in box