Friday, December 11, 2009

Kitbash 1/6 Daniel Craig as James Bond 007

You cannot talk about James Bond (see previous post of Sean Connery as James Bond) without bringing up the latest actor to play "Bond, James Bond" - Daniel Craig. I'd previously posted entries of Loading Toys 1/6 head sculpt of Daniel Craig as James Bond Agent 007 in Quantum of Solace HERE, as Dangerous Man/Spy HERE and even as Tuvia Bielski in "Defiance (2008)" HERE.

BUT I just had to post pictures of DID's 1/6 scale Daniel Craig head sculpt which is simply SUPERB and way better than what Loading Toys offered. This Daniel Craig HS is taken from their 1/6 scale 12-inch Ultimate Edition World War II Luftwaffe Fallschirmjäger (German Air Force Paratrooper) "Dirk Kluge" from Victory to Defeat 1942-1945 set - previewed HERE.

Daniel Craig as James Bond, Agent 007 (the "double-0" prefix indicates his discretionary license to kill in the performance of his duties) in his black suit with black overcoat, looking all debonair (suave and refined). With the suppressed pistol in his hand, "silent and deadly" also comes to mind.

He confronts Vesper Lynd's former lover, Yusef Kabira in Kazan, Russia at the end of "Quantum of Solace" wearing attire similar to this.

And here he is with a suppressed 1/6 scale Heckler & Koch UMP-9. He used it to wound Mr White's leg towards the end of "Casino Royale" and was seen again at the beginning of "Quantum of Solace" (without suppressor) during the pre-titles Aston Martin chase to dispatch the last of Mr White's gunmen and evade capture. The suppressed version is seen on the teaser poster.

And here are the two 1/6 Daniel Craig as James Bond head sculpts for comparison. The man just gets better and better. Another Daniel Craig head sculpt that surfaced recently was the one produced by TTL Toys City WWII German Gestapo (previewed HERE). The less said, the better.


desmond said...

Bro, Love the black overcoat you put on the DID figure. The head sculpt is definitely better than Loading Toys version. Thanks for your detailed review and comparison between both head sculpts. Great kitbash too!!

alex teo said...

thanks guys

imranbecks said...

Looks really good... And I thought the sculpt from Loading Toys was good..haha.. This one looks slightly better due to the textured look of the skin and hair. Down to the detailed blue eyes.. Now I'm thinking if I shd get this DID Daniel Craig.. But what am I gonna do with the soldier outfit..haha.. I'm not into soldier figures.. And where did you get that overcoat from???

alex teo said...

yea imranbecks, i was blown away by the head sculpt. some guys keep the figure and sell the rest as loose parts - even came with a working 1/6 parachute! i got the overcoat via a friend who bought it in Hong Kong. There are tons of loose 1/6 stuff in Hong Kong that never made it here - sad but true