Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Comparing Sarahs

No, this post isn't about which Sarah Palin is better - the real Sarah Palin or the Tina Fey version nor am I going to blog about Sarah Jessica Parker, this post is to compare the Hot Toys T2 Sarah Connor and the Sideshow Collectibles Sarah Connor released in 2007, both 1/6 scale female figures from the 1991 movie "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" or T2 for short. Although it seems Sideshow has gone over to Hot Toys as the latest T2 Movie Masterpieces all have Sideshow Collectibles logo on them as well. I'll also be comparing this Hot Toys Sarah Connor with the Hot Toys T2 T-800 "Arnie" Terminator figure. Scroll down to see the pictures :)

I was quite surprised to see how big and tall the 2007 released Sideshow Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) was compared with the recently released Hot Toys version of the T2 Sarah Connor. I really like the well toned muscle arms and new female body of Hot Toys Sarah Connor, along with the outfit, gear and all the accessories by Hot Toys.

Compare the realistic looking arms and body of Hot Toys Sarah Connor to the clearly jointed limbs of the Sideshow version. The head sculpt likeness and resemblance to the actress Linda Hamilton is also quite different between the two. You can tell which is the masterpiece and a work of art and which is the poorer failed version. Hot Toys 12-inch figures may cost double what the Sideshow version was going for back then but the quality and superb craftsmanship makes it all worth it. They are truly miles apart when you put them side by side.

For those who have just arrived on the 1/6 scene and only began collecting recently, good for you because you won't end up having to buy two versions of Sarah Connor, at least four versions of the T-800 Terminator figure (not counting the bare metal endoskeleton ones), at least three versions of Batman Begins, three versions of The Dark Knight and the list goes on... Just pick up the latest releases from Hot Toys, you can't go wrong there unless Hot Toys decide to release their DX versions...

And here's how the 1/6 scale Hot Toys T2 Sarah Connor looks next to their T2 T-800 Terminator figure - what a great pair they make :)

The height difference, the bulk of the T2 Arnold Schwarzenegger T-800 Terminator vs the slimmer, smaller built female form of the 1/6 Linda Hamilton Sarah Connor all seems very well scaled and proportionate, and shows how much the quality of 1/6 scale action figures has improved and how Hot Toys has elevated it into a whole new art form :>

And here's one last hurrah - showing the Hot Toys MMS119 (Movie Masterpiece Series) "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" ("T2" for short) 1/6th scale Sarah Connor Collectible Figure in her outfit of sunglasses, tank top, enhanced tactical load bearing vest with four magazine pouches, military style pants with web belt and combat boots, and armed with Colt Commando CAR-15 carbine (SR-16 M4 Stoner Rifle) with flash hider, a sound suppressor, laser pointer and an ACOG scope; Remington 870 Police Combat Shotgun with Folding Stock, outfitted with a high-capacity magazine tube and spare shotshell holders; Detonics Custom 1911 pistol and her combat knife with black leather sheath.

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desmond said...

Alex, thanks for your detailed reviews again!!

Willy's Toys said...

There is no comparison...Hot Toys wins as usual. =]

LEon said...

You know the actress who act as Sarah connor in real life was a twins. So there are two Sarah. :P

Good detail review. Hot toys still rocks as the technology is getting better.

alex teo said...

yeah, Linda Hamilton's twin sister, Leslie Hamilton Gearren was used as a double in scenes involving two "Sarah Connors" (i.e., when the T1000 was imitating her), and in a scene not in the theatrical release (but on the DVD) as a mirror image of Linda.

thanks guys for the kind words